Sunday, May 21, 2006

diet coke and nonic

another funny story. we spend a lot of time going through drive-thru's. just a side effect of having 2 small kids. its easier to eat while driving somewhere. ok, so its not healthy. well, at least i'm remembering to eat. back to the every time we go through a drive thru, or more often, pull up at sonic, sarah says, "diet coke". she DOES NOT drink diet coke herself, but her mommy drinks way too much diet coke. so, sarah asks for diet coke at drive thrus. she was even in the car with nana and pop-pop going to a drive thru atm and asked for diet coke. they thought they had heard her wrong. but, she repeated it over and over. what a mess!!! now, she follows up, "diet coke" with "ice" since i've started getting her a cup of ice to keep her entertained in the car. (by the way, ice is a perfect treat for the car since it just turns to water.) and the other day i couldn't understand what she was saying...she kept saying, "nonic, nonic". thankfully, my interpreter, maribeth was present. she realized sarah was saying her version of "sonic". now its official. my name is kelly and i am a sonic diet coke-aholic!!!

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