Thursday, October 29, 2009

a little dinner out...10.16

while we were endlessly waiting for our dinner at mcalister's after we took our fall pics, we let sarah and drew command the diaper bag camera for some cheap entertainment...the results weren't too shabby!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fall pictures on the square...10.16

check out the past 3 years of collierville square pics...2008, 2007, 2006...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


we don't know why jake does it all the time, but it totally totally totally cracks us up! he pushes his head into our heads or shoulders or necks...over and over and over again. i know we are just reinforcing it when we laugh so hard, but its so weird! oh, well...who knows!?!

love the little monsters on their little matching feet!!!

sweet boys!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

sarah's big day...10.15

have i mentioned on here before about my "agreement" with sarah about 5T? last year, sarah asked MANY times to wear skirts and headbands to school like her friends. i told her that she could do those things when she was in 5T...i wasn't ready to let her "grow up" yet!!!

well, i have let her wear a few skirts here and there, and she thought she was BIG STUFF, but i had yet to let her wear her headbands...something about ratty, messy end-of-the-day hair that kept me putting it off. plus, she's never ever expressed any dissatisfaction at me sticking a huge bow in her hair every day, so i thought i should ride that train as long as i could!!!, one day last week, mimi was subbing in sarah's class, so i thought that was the perfect opportunity to try out the headband. oh. my. goodness! the excitement at our house that morning was out of control! she asked me to take her picture before school to document the big occasion! what a sassy girl!!!

and, her hair actually looked okay when she got home from school!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

a few pics after church...10.11

(just fyi, THIS is what usually happens when i try to get a pic of all three kids...i'm tellin' ya, it was a MIRACLE when i took the pic at the top of this page!!!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


these pictures are so sweet. but they completely crack me up!!!
a. drew is wearing the same clothes he had on the day before! he slept in his clothes!
b. the boys are sitting in maggie's dog bed.
c. drew's hair is shaggy shaggy shaggy!
love 'em both to pieces!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

community helper day...10.8

i was doing something or another up at the church after dropping the big kids off at preschool and when jake and i left the church, we happened upon drew's class visiting the firemen and firetruck!!! what excellent timing!!! (can you tell drew was a little confused to see us there!?!)
little monkey that he is, drew was NOT interested in posing nicely in front of the truck with a handsome smile on his face!!!
the sweet fireman in the background "encouraged" drew to smile and thankfully drew at least listened to the man in uniform! yet, NO ONE was able to convince him to take his silly little fingers out of his mouth...grrr!!!
once the kiddos bored of the firetruck and firemen, all the attention turned to drew's baby brother! drew was so proud to show his little brother off to his friends!!! what a sweet surprise to be able to watch drew and his class for a few minutes!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sarah's first skating party...10.4

sarah went to her sweet friend emma's 5th birthday party...
at the skating rink!!!
sarah has "skated" around our driveway with her little dora-go-over-your-shoes-skates-that-don't-really-roll, but she's never been to a skating rink!
missy prissy quickly figured out that she could "walk" in her skates, and off she went!!!
all the kiddos did the limbo! i was waiting for them to play "cold hearted snake" or some other paula abdul number and tell us it was "reverse" skate or "couples" skate...being at a skating rink brought back LOTS of memories!!!
all the girls had a blast playing and skating and being all girly!!!
it was a fun party...and a great "girls night out" for sarah and mommy only!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

a night at the rodeo. yes, i said rodeo...10.1

our sweet friends, the littles invited us to go the rodeo during the midsouth fair at the desoto center...
we all got dressed in our best "cowboy" wear [read: blue jeans and fake cowboy hats from a vacation bible school]...
then we ALL loaded into one of our minivans for the drive down...[oh, we left baby jacob and their youngest sarah katherine at it was *just* 8 of us in the car...]
we got the kids all settled in their seats and the daddies headed out for the best part of ANY stadium event...THE FOOD!
once the kids got bored with eating, the daddies started bringing out the big guns...overpriced toys!!! oh, and yeah, there was a rodeo going on as well...
the rodeo experience was interesting. i was surprised at sarah's reaction at first, but after thinking about it, she was right on the money!!! she kept asking me why the cowboys were hurting the calves. i mean, they WERE chasing them around and catching them with lassos and throwing them down on the dirt and tying all their legs up with rope!!! i explained it to her on the fly...i told her that the cowboys and calves were just playing like daddy sometimes plays with maggie. i think she bought it...UNTIL one of the calves DID get hurt and they had to bring an animal ambulance out to pick it up! my cover was blown!!! i guess i really didn't think sarah would be paying that much attention to the logistics of the rodeo!
other than THAT, we did all have a wonderful time! drew's crazy big smile says it all...

Friday, October 16, 2009

the actual big day...9.29

miss priss posing in her birthday crown from preschool. she went to preschool on her actual birthday this year.
when i asked her what she wanted to take for her special snack on her birthday, she said, "you know mom, those cookies that are brown and then have that white stuff in them, and then brown on top again?!?" poor pumpkin didn't know what oreos were called!
sarah took her special oreos and capri suns to school and thought it was the greatest snack time a girl could ever have! what a little sweetie! happy 5th sarah!!!