Monday, October 26, 2009

sarah's big day...10.15

have i mentioned on here before about my "agreement" with sarah about 5T? last year, sarah asked MANY times to wear skirts and headbands to school like her friends. i told her that she could do those things when she was in 5T...i wasn't ready to let her "grow up" yet!!!

well, i have let her wear a few skirts here and there, and she thought she was BIG STUFF, but i had yet to let her wear her headbands...something about ratty, messy end-of-the-day hair that kept me putting it off. plus, she's never ever expressed any dissatisfaction at me sticking a huge bow in her hair every day, so i thought i should ride that train as long as i could!!!, one day last week, mimi was subbing in sarah's class, so i thought that was the perfect opportunity to try out the headband. oh. my. goodness! the excitement at our house that morning was out of control! she asked me to take her picture before school to document the big occasion! what a sassy girl!!!

and, her hair actually looked okay when she got home from school!

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