Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a few more magic house pics.

a morning at the magic house! (st. louis trip, cont.)

on saturday of our st. louis vacation, we spent the morning at the St. Louis Magic House. its the st. louis version of the children's museum in memphis. the kids had a blast! drew only played in the big kids areas...he was NOT impressed by the "baby" areas! what a big boy :) it was a fun and exciting way to spend the morning!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

an evening at zia's and ted drewe's (st. louis trip, cont.)

our first "real" night in st. louis, we went to Zia's on The Hill (the italian settlement from long ago) for an authentic, delicious italian dinner! it was so good! then we headed over to the famous Ted Drewe's for a dessert of frozen custard! I got my old fave from college days, crater copernicus. its a piece of chocolate cake with vanilla frozen custard on top with whipped cream and a cherry! heaven!!! the kids thought it was too awesome that we let them feed themselves their ice cream! i should have taken a pic of the stroller at the end of the looked like it had been in a major ice cream fight!

Friday, July 6, 2007

the first of louis vacation june 2007

at the end of june, our little fam of four headed to st. louis for a little getaway! we spent the majority of our time hanging with the yost family. rachel was my roommate freshman year at saint louis university. her husband brian, and daughters grace and emma kept us entertained day in and day out! they were troopers! especially since rachel is major preggo-due at the end of august with sweet baby girl norah. the first night we were in st. louis, we got in pretty late and headed over to the yost's house for a great pizza dinner. the kids finally got to get to sleep around 10pm--super late for my 7pm kiddos! so, we planned to meet the yost's at the zoo bright and early the next morning to beat the heat and crowds! my kids didn't wake up til 10:30am! what?!? so the pics above are of our "plan b". we met rachel, grace, and emma at an old fashioned dairy queen for lunch. the kids had a blast running free, playing on the toddler-safe indoor toys, and pushing the button to blow the whistle on the train running around the ceiling. after lunch, the daddys and kids spent the afternoon swimming while the mommys had a little kid-free pamper time! rachel and i got haircuts, manicures, and pedicures! it was so nice! more pics to come...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

father's day 2007 part deux

well, we managed to actual capture a picture of a "father" on our celebration once my dad returned to town. on the tues after father's day, my parents came over for dinner. we gave dad a digital picture frame and sarah and drew gave poppy his cards. if i haven't said it before, i have seen my dad's eyes light up in a way i had never seen before every time he is with sarah and drew. to say they have him wrapped around their little fingers is an understatement. sweet poppy sends sarah and drew a postcard each from all of his worldwide travels...and has picked up a dress or t-shirt for them on several occasions. both kids love both of their granddads!!! we are so blessed to have them both in town! rotten rotten rotten :)

father's day 2007

i know, i know...a father's day post with NO pics of a father in sight. isn't it amazing how your picture-taking focus changes once you have kids?
father's day morning, daddy slept in a little while mommy and the kids got the presents and cards together. then we all went into the bedroom and jumped on daddy and sarah yelled, "happy father's day" while drew just yelled :) we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at perkins--one of tim's favorite breakfast places. everyone took a nap sunday afternoon. then, tim's parents, sister and her family, and our gang enjoyed a nice dinner and visit. it was a great day honoring our fathers in our lives. (side note: my father was in louisiana spending father's day with my mom's father.)

happy independence day!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

haircut for 4 please?!?

on a whim the night before sarah's wedding, we decided to take tim and drew to get haircuts as a family. (i won't mention names or anything...but SOMEONE got drew a really bad haircut last time mommy wasn't present for the event!) after tim and drew were finished with their cuts, sarah said she wanted to get her hair cut too. uh, for MONTHS we had to beg sarah to get her first trim. but, now that drew was about to get to do something and sarah wasn't, it was a different story :) so, sarah got her hair cut as well and did great. as i was sitting there, i got a little jealous too!!! so, i ended up getting a shape up as well! how silly!?! well, my cut ended up being a big mistake--i had another haircut less than a week later. anyway. i just thought this was possibly a once in a lifetime thing, so i better blog it so its not forgotten!

sarah (o'byrnes)'s wedding!!!

my sarah was VERY confused all day on june 16th. tim and i kept telling her that we were going to sarah's wedding that night. EVERY time, she said, "MY wedding?!?" repeatedly, we assured her that it was mason's mommy's wedding, not her wedding. the cute expressions and responses just kept coming. when the beautiful bride walked out of the house, my sarah exclaimed, "mommy, its YOU!" sarah looks at our wedding album and wedding pics around the house A LOT and always talks about how i am a princess (i'm not going to tell her otherwise!) then, my sarah wanted to stand where the ceremony had taken place. then she asked pop pop if he would marry her. so, they "got married" a million times (pop pop was a great sport!) til this day, sarah still answers, "pop pop" when asked who she is going to marry. before sarah's wedding, it was either daddy or santa. both kids were amazingly well behaved making the wedding even more beautiful!!! both sarah and drew danced around the bride and groom and had lots of fun. i had two tired kiddos on the drive home!