Monday, October 29, 2007

following sarah's 3rd birthday party...

yes, sarah DOES have christmas pj's on in these pics...after her party, poppy bill gave sarah a very special present that he got her in chicago. her very first american girl doll...the bitty baby! we were so proud that poppy went shopping for sarah! sarah was trying on carter's christmas pj's to check for sizing before poppy brought in the presents, and of course, didn't want to change clothes before opening another gift!!!

sarah's 3rd birthday party...sept 29th!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

sarah's 3rd birthday breakfast...sept 29th

on the morning of sarah's birthday AND birthday party, i sent tim and the kids to the doughnut shop to have breakfast while i got last minute things done around the house. i thought it would take at least 45 minutes for breakfast while i could vacuum, cut up veggies, etc. well, tim and the kids showed up about 15 minutes after they left with doughnuts and chocolate milk for everyone! guess tim missed the memo that i was trying to get rid of them, huh?!? so, the kids enjoyed their sugar filled breakfast while watching tv and tim and i stuffed a bite into our mouths here and there while getting ready to PARTY!!!

i almost forgot...playdate sept 28th...

the morning before sarah's party, i had the york's over for a playdate to keep my kids occupied so they didn't destroy the house. ended up, mary helped me plant flowers! what a friend! anyway...the kids were being so cute ALL on the see-saw sing-songing "seeeeeeeeeeeeee-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw", that i had to go grab my camera. eventually, drew got fed up with the see-saw and went over to the tool shop for a little alone time. well, when that got old, he climbed up on the lounge chair for a little rest time. guess we aren't as entertaining as we all think, huh?!?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

'twas the night before...sarah's birthday. sept 28th

the night before sarah's birthday was a little wild. tim and i were scurrying around trying to get the house and yard ready for the big party the next day, and all of the grandparents were over helping watch the kids, dropping off stuff, etc. nana and pop pop had told us they were going to go ahead and give sarah one of her presents that night since they couldn't figure out how to wrap it! so, they brought sarah her awesome art easel! it was a big hit! we played with it for a while, then pop pop said he had something to show the kids that he had found in his yard. okay... so, he walks in with a turtle in a laundry basket! drew and sarah had completely different reactions to the turtle. the above pic sums it up...sarah was scared and drew was fascinated! it was a fun night!

sarah's 3rd birthday celebrated at preschool...sept 27th.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

a birthday lunch celebration! sept 23rd

the sunday before sarah and griffin turned 3, our families went to red robin for lunch after church. red robin is already a zoo before adding in the wait staff singing a rousing rendition of "happy birthday" and the sugar filled ice cream sundaes of the birthday kids!!! as you can see, the kids were beside themselves with excitement! three is such a magical age!

just another typical day at the woodard house...sept 2007

an afternoon at the park...sept 11th