Saturday, September 30, 2006

sarah and drew's first bath together!

poor little drew...its hard having a big sissy!!!

p.s. the cute little man in the pictures with drew is miller. he's getting to be such a big boy! he somehow escaped the big sister attack!!!

pics of sarah's birthday at the zoo!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

happy 2nd birthday sarah addison!!!

our little angel turned two today! wow-how did that happen?!? looking back at baby pictures it seems like 1,000,000 years ago, but at the same time, it seems like just yesterday!!! i know every parent says that, but now we are experiencing it!

we had a fun day! first of all, it was BEAUTIFUL weather in memphis--absolutely picture perfect. we started the day off with a trip to the zoo with mimi! it was awesome! the little man was happy in his carseat for the first 3 hours of the extravaganza--he lasted 5 hours without eating! a miracle! and it was THE perfect day for the zoo. sarah got to see a lot of the animals frolicking about (they were as excited as the humans about the fall temperatures)! she still isn't the biggest fan of getting right up to the glass and/or fences. she would say, "i don't want it" if we got too close for her liking. she really really enjoyed watching the polar bears swim. its they are performing for the crowd! the whole time we were at the zoo, fedex planes were flying overhead. EVERY plane was "poppy". i think we actually spent more time pointing to the sky at airplanes than looking at animals! we also rode the carousel for the first time. we started out with sarah holding onto my neck and attempting to get off the horse, but the ride ended with big smiles, a few waves to mimi, and a big "thank you" to the carousel attendant!

after the zoo, we stopped by "donalds" to pick up "nuggets and apples" for lunch. drew was ready for a meal and nap at that point, so we headed home to eat. poppy met us there from his trip. (he probably really was in one of the planes we pointed to! neat!)

after much needed naps, our families came over to celebrate with the birthday girl! nana, pop pop, aunt becky, uncle paul, nicholas, mimi, and poppy all helped make our evening really special! we enjoyed opening presents, eating dinner, and pigging out on cake and ice cream. sarah performed several of her songs during dinner! she sings a recognizable, but very loose version of "twinkle twinkle", "abc's", "itsy bitsy spider", and "jesus loves me". its so funny!

anyway! all in all, it was a great way to celebrate our favorite daughter's 2nd birthday! (long standing joke in our family!) i love my little sar-bear so much!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

2 year old check-up...a few days early!!!

we took sarah for her 2 year old well check-up today! she was a doll! she was facinated when they drew blood from her finger. she just sat there in awe of the red. she thought it was cool that it was red (the color of the month at preschool-thanks ms. darla!). she is in the 50th percentile for height, ABOVE the 95th percentile for weight, and 90th percentile for head circumference! i was SURE she was going to be above average for height! oh, well...anyway. it was a great visit. especially since she thinks all doctors' visits end with a yummy sucker! she asked the nurse for one on our way out! and, since she's up to date on shots, we were able to leave shot-free and happy! too bad we have to go back for flu shots in a few weeks! don't tell sarah :) and, by the way, obviously due to no special tricks on my part, we made it through the first two years with no ear infections! i guess she's had her fair share of medical problems with torticollis and glasses! that's our doctor's visit in a nutshell!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

a brief preschool update

well, things are looking up in the world of preschool...for sarah and drew!!!

sarah has taken a nap at school 3 out of 6 days! i think she's taken more naps so far this year than ALL of last year!!! by the way, the hallmark sign of a good preschooler is being a good napper (according to mimi cheryl, aka 3 year old teacher extraordinare) she has had a few tears at drop off time a couple of mornings, but its usually if another kid is already crying at the door. i think she is going to have a wonderful year. she already talks about her teachers and classmates all the time. she really enjoys music class and lunch time the most, i think. oh, one sad story. she was walking with her class one day last week and passed drew's class in the bye bye buggy. she started crying and reaching out for drew! wow! last year when SHE was in the bye bye buggy, she didn't even recognize her grandparents!

drew is getting more and more accustomed to his days away from mom. today's take home sheet said, "best day ever :)" he is napping at school, taking his bottles well, and just "has his moments" according to his teachers. mimi said drew looks like a little weeble wobble in the bye bye buggy...well, he is the youngest in his class!

i am proud of how well both of them are doing! and i am settling in to working again. today i actually concentrated on my patients a little instead of just obsessing over whether or not my kids were having a good day at school!!! i think my patients appreciated the newfound attention! seriously, though...our little family is adjusting very well to the new school year! yipee!

thursday thirteen

thirteen of my favorite sarah phrases of late...

1. "watch your fingers"--when she sees me opening or closing a cabinet door

2. "i see 'em coming"--when the carhop at sonic is headed to our car

3. "no-wait"--ok, this one isn't my favorite one to hear, but i think its so funny!!!

4. "miss tracy...shake, shake, shake"--had to ask miss tracy about this one...she is sarah's music teacher at school, and they are learning about following the teacher's directions by playing with musical instruments...apparently sarah likes the maracas!

5. "have a good day"--i'm pretty sure i already shared this one, but i love it when she tells everyone that!!!

6. "to-da-loo"--she says this when she's walking off with her play grocery cart around the house

7. "i big helper"--ALL THE TIME! she loves to help with drew. i can convince her to do ALMOST anything by telling her she's a big helper

8. "pledge the flag"--its all she's able to say on her own of the pledge of allegiance

9. "jesus this i know"--again, all she says of jesus loves me

10. "down to sleep"--her contribution to our evening prayers

11. "put arm in"--ALL body parts are "arms" when we are getting dressed...otherwise she knows her body parts

12. "pigtails please"--she asks for them every morning...but often cries when i really start putting them in. i think she's a little tenderheaded

13. "too big"--an increasingly common statement when i ask her to hold my hand when we are walking

so, that's sarah's latest and greatest! AND she is TWO YEARS OLD in 8 days! wow!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

a cute collage of the kiddos!!!

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p.s. this is a great background for your desktop...mimi, poppy, nana, & pop pop :)

Friday, September 8, 2006

another day, another picture

sarah and drew had some pictures made this morning for drew's 6 month and sarah's 2 year birthdays. you can view them at . click on the "sessions" tab. the session id is: Woodard2 (make sure to capitalize the "W"). drew did great...sarah was another story! i'm sensing a theme developing around here! i am open to any "votes" for which pictures we should order! have fun!

Thursday, September 7, 2006

cute pictures of sarah and carter!!!

sarah and carter were able to play together while their mommies attended bible study wednesday morning. sarah thought it was THE GREATEST THING EVER that carter was at her "school" on wednesday.

a couple of pieces of background info: 1. sarah attends school and church at our church, gbc
2. sarah calls gbc "school" no matter what event we are going for
3. unfortunately, carter does not attend gbc church or school...that's why it was such a super cool treat to have carter for wednesday's nursery!

aren't they adorable?!?

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

say it ain't so!

bad news...drew is the BAD BABY in the nursery! i'm horrified! i was paged not 10 minutes after dropping him off this morning! after keeping the bed babies for 5 plus years on sunday mornings, i KNOW what a pain the "bad baby" is! we have some serious "mommy-separation" issues to work on! right now, i'm the queen of his world! and i know it won't last forever, so i'm trying to eat it up while i can! i know, i know...doing that is NOT helping!

drew's first sink bath!!!

drew thought he was cool beans sitting up in the sink for bathtime! he is so splotchy looking because he had roseola. its a hard life having a big sister to bring home all the germs to ya!

first afternoon of preschool!!!

sarah was not in any better mood for picture taking after school...she was one of six kids in her class who skipped nap time! what a stinker! notice she has a cell phone in her hand or at her ear in each picture! sarah and drew attend preschool at germantown baptist weekday preschool where mimi teaches!! we are so blessed to have mimi at our school!

by the way...the first day of school was tuesday, september 5th...just didn't get the pics up til wednesday the 6th!!!

first morning of preschool!

sarah was so excited to show ms. darla what she brought in her schoolbag!
sarah and drew are difficult to photograph together! this was as good as it gets! (side note: i had to wake sarah up for school this morning and baby and bear were NOT going anywhere during mommy's picture attempts!)

drew did a little better on his own!!

sarah did NOT do a little better on her own!!

drew thought his teacher, ms. amy was pretty cool!!!