Friday, September 29, 2006

happy 2nd birthday sarah addison!!!

our little angel turned two today! wow-how did that happen?!? looking back at baby pictures it seems like 1,000,000 years ago, but at the same time, it seems like just yesterday!!! i know every parent says that, but now we are experiencing it!

we had a fun day! first of all, it was BEAUTIFUL weather in memphis--absolutely picture perfect. we started the day off with a trip to the zoo with mimi! it was awesome! the little man was happy in his carseat for the first 3 hours of the extravaganza--he lasted 5 hours without eating! a miracle! and it was THE perfect day for the zoo. sarah got to see a lot of the animals frolicking about (they were as excited as the humans about the fall temperatures)! she still isn't the biggest fan of getting right up to the glass and/or fences. she would say, "i don't want it" if we got too close for her liking. she really really enjoyed watching the polar bears swim. its they are performing for the crowd! the whole time we were at the zoo, fedex planes were flying overhead. EVERY plane was "poppy". i think we actually spent more time pointing to the sky at airplanes than looking at animals! we also rode the carousel for the first time. we started out with sarah holding onto my neck and attempting to get off the horse, but the ride ended with big smiles, a few waves to mimi, and a big "thank you" to the carousel attendant!

after the zoo, we stopped by "donalds" to pick up "nuggets and apples" for lunch. drew was ready for a meal and nap at that point, so we headed home to eat. poppy met us there from his trip. (he probably really was in one of the planes we pointed to! neat!)

after much needed naps, our families came over to celebrate with the birthday girl! nana, pop pop, aunt becky, uncle paul, nicholas, mimi, and poppy all helped make our evening really special! we enjoyed opening presents, eating dinner, and pigging out on cake and ice cream. sarah performed several of her songs during dinner! she sings a recognizable, but very loose version of "twinkle twinkle", "abc's", "itsy bitsy spider", and "jesus loves me". its so funny!

anyway! all in all, it was a great way to celebrate our favorite daughter's 2nd birthday! (long standing joke in our family!) i love my little sar-bear so much!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great birthday outing for Sarah and for you, Drew, and Cheryl! I wish I could have joined the fun!!!
She is beautiful and Drew is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures!!!
Aunt Jodie

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! We were thinking about you on Friday! I told Grace and Emma that you were 2 today. They were a little disappointed they couldn't go see you. I tried to explain that it was a long drive to Memphis and Grace asked, "Well, how are we going to tell her "happy birthday"? Good question! So we are sending you some Grace and Emma originals. You should be expecting some artwork soon via snail mail! Enjoy and happy birthday! Congrats to you, Tim and Kelly on your 2nd anniversary of being parents! Crazy, huh???!?!

Forrest & Elizabeth Williams said...