Monday, August 13, 2007

well, well, well...

where, oh where have the woodard's been? busy busy busy! i worked almost every single day in july while tim was pulling 12-15 hour days at his job. poor sarah and drew were the ones who suffered for it...getting spoiled rotten by mimi and nana and their fave babysitter audrey! but, seriously, it was breaking my heart that sarah and drew said, "bye bye mama" every morning after we all got it was no big deal!

after making it almost 2 whole weeks into august, we are finally as caught up as a family can be at this time of year. we have been busy having fun playdates for the kids, going to the children's museum with mimi, and just hanging out as the 4 of us as much as possible! AND miss sassy pants sarah is turning THREE at the end of september so our birthday party planning is in full force! we are getting all geared up for the kids' preschool year too! sarah is convinced she is in mimi's class this year...i'm afraid its not gonna be pretty when she realizes mimi is NEXT DOOR and not in her room. big boy drew is going to be in the "older" 1 year olds class. he will have to sit at a table in a chair for lunch! what?!? how about drew standing on the table every day at lunch?!? of course, i'm hoping he minds his teachers a little better than he minds his mommy. that boy can climb climb climb. and has NO fear. his favorite thing to do right now is climb into his highchair (alone!) and then climb onto the kitchen table. in the 2.2 seconds that it takes you to blink your eyes. he's a monkey.

the biggest lesson i have learned during my "blogging break" is that girls and boys are different. rocket science, huh? while sarah at drew's age would carefully and meticulously take each puzzle piece out and place it on the floor then ever so gently put the puzzle together, drew thinks that taking the puzzle over his head and slamming it into the floor while yelling, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" is a much more interesting game. while sarah at drew's age would never dream of climbing out of her highchair, grocery cart, stroller, etc., drew thinks that standing up out of his seat immediately is the best game ever! he is a little houdini! plus drew has NO CLUE that he is not almost 3 years old like his big sissy. that child thinks that anything sarah can do, he can do better...and faster...and more recklessly! he is gonna give me a heart attack!

but, in all seriousness, the kids are really fun right now. we have enjoyed being able to go out all morning with no tears and a little diaper bag and have a big time. and we have all enjoyed coming home and taking naps all afternoon. its been rough this past week with the temps in the 100's to do much outside, so we have been learning about all the "inside" memphis attractions!

i am looking forward to us getting a little more structure in our lives as the school year begins. sarah is old enough for organized activities this fall! yikes! she is going to be in children's choir (i'm the director for her class...double yikes!) and a preschool tumbling/ballet class. i thought she was old enough for soccer, but it looks like we've got a few more years on that one! how did my baby get old enough to not just be in "childcare" at church?!? we are also getting back into MOPS this fall. i think the kids can handle a few hours on wednesday mornings this fall much better than last. and i'm ready to enjoy some adult company every other wednesday too! well, i think that about catches you up on the basic plot line of our last month. stay tuned for more updates and pics! (tim switched me to a different laptop in the midst of our july chaos and i don't have access to my picasa pictures right now...ugh!)