Wednesday, August 30, 2006

how cute!!!

i have never seen drew as excited as when his big sister "performs" for him! sarah dances around in front of him (basically jumps up and down) and talks and talks and giggles and giggles (ALL girl)! drew just cackles! he loves it so much! i'm just so proud to see my two little ones enjoying each other's company so much! i know they will have their "moments" as they grow up, but i'm so happy to see their love in such a pure form right now!!!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a really cool blogger thing!

i saw this on someone else's blog and HAD to do it! you go to this website, and it scans your blog/website/etc. for the most commom words and builds a "word cloud"...i don't know how to put a real link, so here's the web address! well, maybe i did know how to do it :) anyway...just a neat thing!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

look who's sitting up?

and drooling a river...he'll be 6 months old on saturday, and today he sat up for almost 15 minutes. my kids are so crazy. on the same day sarah took her first step ever, she took 16 in a row. drew was sitting up straight and i was counting the seconds...he sat for 17 sec, 22 sec, 14 sec, etc. then, all of the sudden, he sat up for over 5 minutes! at that point, i just quit counting! so, he's an official "sitter" now. he starts preschool after labor day! i'm glad he'll be able to sit up and play with the "big" kids in his class (6-11 month olds)! and he was practically posing for all the pics...i think i took over 50 of this "first". anyway...just a proud mommy moment!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

sweet pics of nana, pop pop, and their grandkids!!!

we captured some really cute pics of the grandkids with their nana and pop pop the day before tim's birthday...we pulled nana and sarah out of the picture since sarah wasn't as participatory as nicholas and drew were being with pop pop! drew is fascinated with pop pop's facial hair! just like his big sis was at his age! i'm kinda blogging pics and stories out of order...i thought that sarah's glasses and eye injury deserved first dibs on my limited blogging time! i'll try to catch up on the past few photo ops soon!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a trip to the er...

well, we had our first visit to the emergency room last night!!! sarah and carter were playing, and sarah pulled a chair over on top of her that had carter in it! the chair is really sarah had at least 30 lbs on top of her little body. and, of course, she had on her new glasses! the glasses faired pretty well...just need one of the nose pieces readjusted! anyway...i called the after hours clinic at our pediatrician's office, and they said if there was ANY chance sarah needed stitches to go to the er. since she's a girl, we thought a big scar on her face would just give her extra ammunition to hate us as a teenager, so we all loaded up and went to the hospital! nana and pop pop were already there because sarah's cousin nicholas had his tonsils removed yesterday morning! so, they came down to visit us in the er. and mimi came up, too! she kept drew in the waiting room while sarah was examined! sarah was great! she just told every nurse and doc, "bye bye" (like she had at the zoo) when she was ready for them to leave her alone! and they gave her a popsicle and i think that she thought the whole experience was a smashing success! we made it home in less than 5 hours. not too shabby! these pics are from this morning. i was expecting it to look worse today than last night, but it actually looks better now that the swelling has gone down some! i think the whole fiasco was way harder on tim and me than sarah. just as it should be! so, we took it easy today for a little recovery time! and tonight sarah is at her weekly sleepover at nana and pop pop's house! yea!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006

isn't she lovely?

please excuse the sketchiness of these pictures...sarah had just gotten home from our friend bailey's football game (about 110 degrees outside) and we had stripped her down to her diaper and pulled her hair up out of her face randomly! AND the crazy bottle is a whole 'nother story! i was switching out drew's 4 ounce bottles for 8 ounce bottles and sarah found these crazy colored bottles that we have never used down in the bag. she was so excited and asked for water in it. ok, the kid just had to get glasses...i thought i could let her have A bottle. they have "mysteriously vanished" while sarah is sleeping tonight.

back to the glasses...sarah has been perfect! she hasn't tried to pull them off but once! she's even pushed them up on her nose when they've fallen down! the only time they have seemed to bother her is when she tries to rub her eyes (getting sleepy). so, one day down, a million more to go! and our friend josh is going to take some "real" pics of sarah tomorrow, so i'll post those tomorrow night!

Friday, August 18, 2006

they are precious in His sight...

my precious children were holding hands in the car the other night! too sweet!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

thursday thirteen

happy 28th birthday to my hubby, tim! i wanted to use this thursday thirteen to list 13 great things about my awesome husband!!! (you'll probably need a tissue or garbage can after reading this depending on your cheesiness tolerance!)

1. he's a phenomenal father to sarah and drew! i knew from the moment i met him that he would be the best daddy in the whole world, but he has surpassed my expectations a million times over!

2. he's the sweetest husband! he lets me get away with murder sometimes (ok, most of the time!). he is so patient when i am stressed out, or being ocd, etc.

3. he's a wonderful christian man. he's such a good example to his family, friends, and co-workers.

4. he's a computer genius! he can fix any computer problem...somehow he has ALL the pop up screens memorized and can talk you through any computer problem over the phone!

5. he's a hard worker! when i make him a list (remember how i said he was a great husband?), he works and works and works until he gets all his "honey-do list" done.

6. he's a loyal friend. he keeps in touch with friends from elementary school even! he loves his friends with all his heart.

7. he's a huge flirt! i know that sounds like a weird thing for a wife to love about her husband...but, he can make any situation comfortable. whether he's "flirting" with a 2 year old, 32 year old, or 92 year old, they all love him in minutes!

8. he's a loving son. as i've said before, one of my favorite and first memories of tim is him hugging his parents good bye at disciple now in 8th grade. he puts his family above all else.

9. he's a big goof. he has the same silly, immature sense of humor as me!

10. he's a closet "girlie tv/movie" guy! he will sit down while i am watching gilmore girls or 10 things i hate about you and totally get sucked in...and ask a million questions about what he's missed in the show! AND, he loves hannah montana on disney! what?!?

11. he's a night owl AND a morning person (not really his choice!)! he'll stay up late with me, and let me catch an extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning after i get up and feed drew! he tries to help out in other ways since he can't nurse!!!

12. he's a romantic at heart! he's always doing sweet things for me!

13. he's tim. i'm just so thankful that tim is my little timmy! he's the greatest! i am so blessed to have him in my life! i hope you have a wonderful birthday sweetie!

sanity saver!!!

have i told you about my weekly sanity saver?!? my WONDERFUL in-laws (better known as nana and pop pop) come to our house EVERY tuesday night and do the most fabulous thing...they pick up sarah and take her home with them!!! sarah spends tuesday night and all day wednesday at their house! on wednesday's, nana has both sarah and sarah's 2 1/2 year old cousin, nicholas! wow! its awesome that the 2 cousins get to spend time together every week! i never got to see my cousins that much growing up (or now for that matter)! and nana and pop pop don't look TOO tired when we get sarah back on wednesday evening! this fun "tradition" began about the time that sarah ended preschool in may. it was perfect for sarah to have something super fun and "just for her" to do all summer long! and mommy and sarah do better to have a break from one another every once in a while! i just thought i should brag a little on my amazing in-laws! they will never know how much i appreciate the chance to let drew be an "only child" for one day a week!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

she's never met a stranger!!!

so, we went to walmart today...i know, what a great blogger story :) all four of us went. we started with lunch in the walmart mcdonald's...what a glamorous outing, huh? sarah was so excited! whenever i ask her what she wants to eat, 9 times out of 10 she says, "apples and nuggets"! so, sarah thoroughly enjoyed herself...and baby drew happily gnawed on his toy while we ate. then we shopped, and shopped, and shopped!!! we ran into so many people we know! and sarah made several new friends along the way! while we stood in the 6 MILE LONG LINE to check out, my friend from methodist germantown hospital, monique, played with drew. and sarah showed off all her best tricks for the sweet (stranger) lady in line behind us. it ended up that the nice woman gave sarah her shopping list and pen (who takes a legal pad to walmart as a grocery list?) for sarah to draw. sarah had so much fun coloring while the adoring stranger praised her every move. as we were leaving, the lady said, "its a shame that she doesn't have a more outgoing, friendly personality!" sarah definitely has personality to spare!!! she gets that from her daddy :) sarah was so sad to leave walmart! she always loves to be the center of attention!!! but now, we are back home, all the groceries are put away, both kids are asleep, and i'm enjoying a little quiet after the storm!!! just what every saturday afternoon should be like!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

thursday thirteen

thirteen random things about this last week...

1. a HUGE storm blew through germantown this afternoon...very unexpectedly. i was in drew's room nursing him to sleep and i heard an extremely loud crash. the umbrella in our patio set lifted out of its stand and came crashing down into our glass top table! yikes!!!

2. sarah is farsighted and has an astigmatism. she is getting glasses to correct her vision. we are really talking up how special glasses are because they are like daddy's.

3. i bought a new pair of pants for work on sunday (tax free!). i washed them ONCE and the hem fell out on one leg. yuck!

4. drew learned to jump in his exersaucer. he thinks he is so cool to bounce and squeal in delight...LOUDLY!!!

5. drew is almost sitting up independently. he just gets so excited and tumbles over!

6. i worked for the first time since 2 weeks before drew's birth on wednesday. i work again tomorrow.

7. i work at a nursing home/rehab facility now. different job from before drew.

8. on the elevator at work, i asked a resident how she was doing. she replied, "i've got a bad heart, my hip is broken, and my daughter's out of town so i don't have any clean underwear". i forgot what it was like to work with the elderly.

9. my brain is getting overloaded with our schedule for this fall. my calendar has an event almost every day!!! our activities somehow quadrupled by adding 1 more child!

10. we got our flowerbeds cleaned out and mulched. our yard looks amazing!!!

11. sarah is already trying to stall bedtime. she asks, "where'd ______ go?" about a million times, asks for more milk, asks for more kisses, asks for more hugs, asks for whichever parent isn't putting her to bed to come, etc. didn't realize that started SO young!!!

12. tim and i went to a sunday school class on sunday for the first time in YEARS!!! somehow a long time before we had sarah we got suckered into keeping the nursery with my parents, and we never made our way out again!

13. my pharmacist told me i was his hero. seriously. he was so impressed that i fought our insurance company to get sarah's medicine covered. i thought that was hilarious!!!

that's what's going on in our lives. in a nutshell...

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

cute play date pics!!!

here are some cute play date pics!!! i've been trying to get blogger to load these since my last blog, but apparently blogger didn't think they were as important as i did!!!
cutie brother and sister bonding moment...aiden and hannah!!!

apparently my house has the PERFECT built in stage. aiden arranged the chairs and tried his hardest to get all three girls to sit for his performance...when that failed, he joined the audience!

drew was the brave little one in the midst of the chaos!!! he enjoyed watching the action!

fun times in the woodard's playroom!!! carter, aiden, hidden hannah (behind "house"), sarah, and drew!

tim thought the kids were playing musical chairs in this pic!!! they are just so busy!

Monday, August 7, 2006

can you spell OCD?!?

so today my friends maribeth and kristina came over...with their kids. maribeth's two--carter and miller--and kristina's younger two--aiden and hannah grace. her older two started school today--chad and bailey. well, now that THAT'S all cleared we had 6 kids under 5 at our house for the majority of the day! the older 4 (drew and miller really can't participate yet) played together beautifully! it was great! they all had so much fun and us moms had a good time talking in between changing diapers and quickly referee-ing minor incidents. the REAL fun began when the younger 4 all went down for naps at the same time and the older two retired to the couch for a movie. the three moms got WAY OCD!!! we were cleaning up the toy room (basically every room in the house!) and they kept asking me where to put the toys. i told them repeatedly to just put the toys wherever. i mean...i have mellowed out a tidge...well, most of the time!!! anyway. neither of them believed me, so they started REALLY organizing these two bins. they found stuff i haven't seen in drew's entire life! (so see, i really haven't been as anal lately!) we put EVERYTHING EXACTLY in its place! my play room looks fabulous!!! we just laughed and laughed and laughed because none of the kids were in the room playing and the adults were having so much fun with the kids' toys! cleaning up was the highlight of our day :)

Thursday, August 3, 2006

thursday thirteen

a quiz for "friends"-lovers only :) today's thursday thirteen is 13 quotes from "friends". whoever gives the most correct answers to who said each quote wins!!! (i really think that only my friend maribeth will play...but i still love "friends" enough to devote this blog to it!)

1. "could i be wearing any more clothes?"

2. "I KNOW"

3. "you could try...but you would not be successful"

4. "his legs flail about as if independent from his body"

5. "did you know richard has a twinkie in the city?"

6. "yep...we were in the i hate rachel green club"

7. "my sister is pregnant with my baby"

8. "you went on and on for 16 pages...front and back"

9. "you fell ASLEEP?"

10. "the chipper? why do i think that's not as happy as it sounds?"

11. "my friend asked for an onion, not an olive, and i don't know what this drink is"

12. "and just so you know...its not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy and it is a big deal"

13. "the guy says hi and i want to kill myself"

good luck, maribeth!!! and anyone else who is brave enough to go head-to-head with a truly obsessed "friends"!!! i did this pretty quickly. i could probably make 3 months worth of thursday thirteen "friends" quotes :)

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

thank you poppy!!!

i know ya'll have already seen a ton of pics of sarah in this dress from the fourth of july...but, i forgot to make a big shout out "thank you" to poppy bill for the precious outfit!!! poppy went shopping (i know--shocking) in paris for BOTH of his grandkids and returned with two cute body suits for drew and a dress fit for a princess for sarah! this is dress #2 for sarah from abroad--poppy brought sarah a dress last year, too. isn't she just the little fashionista?!? sarah, drew, and their mommy are very grateful for the cute clothes that will be such a special keepsake from poppy!!!

i had cake and ice cream for breakfast!!!

here's what's going to happen to me...its just my luck :)

sarah thinks that yogurt is ice cream...i know, i know...i am a horrible mother to teach my child that she is not eating what she thinks she is eating. but, she gets so excited when she thinks she's getting such a fun treat! (and because i am a FUN mom, she does get real ice cream occasionally--well, low fat frozen yogurt, actually) we are shopping at walmart the other day, and we get to the dairy section and sarah yells, "ice cream"! i got a bunch of funny looks from the other shoppers! and miss maribeth and my parents keep threatening to tell sarah the truth! oh no!!!

and i give sarah rice cakes as snacks or for breakfast. but, she just calls them "cakes"...

so, fast forward a few weeks to sarah's first day of preschool...sarah walks into school and her new teacher asks her what she had for breakfast. sarah's reply, "cake and ice cream"!!! boy! i'll surely get called into the principal's office for that one :)