Tuesday, August 1, 2006

i had cake and ice cream for breakfast!!!

here's what's going to happen to me...its just my luck :)

sarah thinks that yogurt is ice cream...i know, i know...i am a horrible mother to teach my child that she is not eating what she thinks she is eating. but, she gets so excited when she thinks she's getting such a fun treat! (and because i am a FUN mom, she does get real ice cream occasionally--well, low fat frozen yogurt, actually) anyway...so we are shopping at walmart the other day, and we get to the dairy section and sarah yells, "ice cream"! i got a bunch of funny looks from the other shoppers! and miss maribeth and my parents keep threatening to tell sarah the truth! oh no!!!

and i give sarah rice cakes as snacks or for breakfast. but, she just calls them "cakes"...

so, fast forward a few weeks to sarah's first day of preschool...sarah walks into school and her new teacher asks her what she had for breakfast. sarah's reply, "cake and ice cream"!!! boy! i'll surely get called into the principal's office for that one :)

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Anonymous said...

Your deceit is okay as long as you realize that you will eventually be "outed" and it could be a difficult moment for your children to realize their mommy was less than honest . . . kind of like when the Easter bunny and Santa are "outed".
Aunt Jodie