Friday, March 12, 2010

baby matthew is here!!!

Matthew McLain Woodard

march 10, 2010
8:05 am
7 lbs 15 oz
20 inches

Friday, March 5, 2010

bye bye tonsils and adenoids!...2.17

so, for a while, i (and others) have wondered about drew's vocal quality. whether he had a cold or not, he always sounded congested. he's a very healthy kid in general. has never had an ear infection, few colds, nothing major ever...AND he seems to have difficulty sleeping. he snores, and just never wakes up as refreshed as the other 2 kids do with the same amount of sleep...

anyways. i decided to take him to an ENT to have him checked out. the doctor started his conversation with me by saying he is very conservative and doesn't do surgery on kids unless he thinks its absolutely necessary...

then, he looked in drew's mouth and immediately said, "when can i do surgery?" say what?!? he said that one of drew's tonsils was touching his uvula (the hangy downy thingy in the back of your throat) and the other one was barely not touching it. he then said, the way his tonsils look, i bet his adenoids are enlarged too...but let's check the x-rays.

so, x-rays confirmed, and drew was scheduled for surgery! tonsils and adenoids coming out asap! then came the other tricky part...we saw dr. klug at the beginning of february. he was scheduling surgeries for 2 weeks out...with a very strict 2 week recovery period. so, that left very very little wiggle room for us to get this done before i was going to have a baby!!!

fast forward to february 17th...drew had his surgery that morning and was 90% back to his normal self by 5pm that same day! we had two long weeks to keep him calm and quiet for his surgery sites to heal correctly! yikes! thankfully, drew has been an angel throughout this whole ordeal. he has never complained of pain and has stayed amazingingly calm for a 4 year old, normally quite rambunctious little man!!! it has been nothing short of a miracle and definitely a testament to the power of prayer!

we are hoping that the surgery will correct some of drew's sleeping issues and that he might have a clearer voice as well...already we can tell his airway is less obstructed. no more snoring and he is actually breathing through his nose occasionally! poor little buddy!

of course, now we have a pretty spoiled little guy on our hands...for 2 weeks he has lived on delicious frozen treats, chef boyardee (previously unknown in our household), chocolate milk and fruit juices...AND he has slept in our bed so we could administer meds every 4 hours and monitor him to make sure he was upright on pillows and not hurting his neck during the night...

baby matthew's arrival is going to bring quite the shock to my drew's little system!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

dinner at osaka...1.26 (yes, i'm still out of order)

we left baby jake at home one night to take sarah and drew to their first osaka hibatchi style dining experience. it was an anniversary dinner for mimi and poppy as well! i wasn't sure how jake would react to all of the flames and loud noises at the restaurant, so we just decided not to chance it! sarah and drew were mesmerized. it was awesome to watch dinner through their eyes!!! and it was nice to only have 2 kids to worry about for the evening! thanks mimi and poppy for including us!!!