Tuesday, February 27, 2007

scary monster and precious angel...

sarah is OBSESSED with the tv show little bear on noggin. its fairly educational, so i don't mind it myself. tim thinks its hilarious. i'm worried about that one :) anyway...sarah learned a few months ago about "scary monsters" from the show, and now she talks about "sea monsters" all the time. apparently, owl and little bear caught a sea monster on the show. coincidentally, drew received a precious shark hooded towel from the higginbotham's for his birthday. well, sarah now thinks she is a "sea monster". in the first pic, sarah is roaring--which she thinks is the sound a shark makes! and in the second pic, she is "scared" of the scary monster. i had to post the sweet pics of her, too! the other day, she was being difficult and i was at wits end and she said, "mommy, i'm your precious angel!". she's already working the system...successfully!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

happy first birthday andrew quinn!

wow! drew is a year old! every day i think to myself, "this little boy has me wrapped around his little finger!". here are 12 of my favorite things about drew to commorate his 12 months of life!!!

1. he's the best cuddler--he nuzzles up to my neck and fits just right.

2. he has the most adorable little waddle. i love how cute babies are when they first start walking!

3. he has the funniest facial expressions!!! i remember this stage with sarah...we just marvel at how many ways he can contort his face. although, he usually just has a huge grin!!!

4. he adores his big sister. she can (typically) do no wrong. now, i cherish this because i know it won't always be the case!!!

5. he loves his puppies (and they love him)! he walks up to maggie and just falls on her back or pulls her beard. and maggie just sits there and lets him!

6. he's grown up so much since i started dropping him off at school and nursery during church. i'm amazed that the same kid who cried uncontrollably 6 months ago now lunges out of my arms!

7. he loves loves loves to eat! he can put away some serious amounts of food! and a new favorite as of the past few days--sugar!

8. he loves to clap his hands along with sarah and me when we are singing in the car! he always tries to "keep up with sarah".

9. he falls asleep in the car and i can carry him in the house and just plop him in his crib while he stays asleep! this is not all that cosmic with most families, but sarah NEVER fell asleep in the car, so its revolutionary around here!!!

10. he already throws temper tantrums! talk about "monkey see, monkey do" around here. he always tries to get to the dog bowls whenever the laundry room door is open. when i beat him to the punch, he falls down on his belly and fake cries. its hilarious to see a one year old pout!!!

11. he's such a laid back little guy. he usually just chills when he's in his stroller or carseat. he sits still in a way that wild big sis never did. he especially loves when he's all bundled up in his coat with a blanket and his pacifer...i think he would sleep in his bed that way if i would let him!

12. he's just my favorite son in the whole wide world! as i've mentioned before, this is a long standing joke in our fam...i don't know what i'll do when we don't just have ONE son and ONE daughter to call our favorites :)

happy first birthday little buddy!!!

we had dinner tonight at the "delicious" cici's pizza to celebrate drew's birthday! mimi, nana, and pop pop joined daddy, mommy, and big sis for a great time! (poppy bill was on a trip, but called to wish drew a "happy b-day" while we were there!) drew hammed it up while eating his cupcake...that kid has some crazy facial expressions!!! its hard to believe he's been in our lives for a whole year now! after his wild beginning (pretend scheduled c-section for being breech), he's been the best-natured, most laid back little guy in the whole wide world! a great balance to silly big sister!!! i love this little boy!

drew's birthday cupcake!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Saturday, February 17, 2007

drew's a big kid now, too!!!

we took drew on his inaugural spin as a forward facing rider last week. since he was already 20lbs at his NINE month appointment and turns ONE in NINE days...we thought it would be okay to fudge a little with waiting for his first birthday! he thinks its really cool! and sarah is happy too! she shares all her toys and snacks with him now. not so great when she's eating nuggets and apple slices :( thankfully, drew is still an excellent napper in the forward facing position! he's my good car sleeper...sarah, not so much!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

our new home!!!

we took these pics at dusk...and while sitting in the car...in motion...maybe we'll do better next time!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

packing madness!!!

how many more days of this can i handle?!? ~sarah

Monday, February 5, 2007

drew's first shoes...january 10th.

drew totally did NOT get the concept of new shoes. he was just like his big sis. he did not get it that you STOOD on your feet after shoes were donned. finally we conceded and let him sit on the floor and play with the new shoes. he looks like such a big boy with his shoes on!!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007