Monday, February 26, 2007

happy first birthday little buddy!!!

we had dinner tonight at the "delicious" cici's pizza to celebrate drew's birthday! mimi, nana, and pop pop joined daddy, mommy, and big sis for a great time! (poppy bill was on a trip, but called to wish drew a "happy b-day" while we were there!) drew hammed it up while eating his cupcake...that kid has some crazy facial expressions!!! its hard to believe he's been in our lives for a whole year now! after his wild beginning (pretend scheduled c-section for being breech), he's been the best-natured, most laid back little guy in the whole wide world! a great balance to silly big sister!!! i love this little boy!

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Forrest & Elizabeth Williams said...

Happy Birthday Drew! Happy "I had a baby a year ago today" Kelly! I think all 'mommies' need to be celebrated too! Ya'll put in a lot of hard work too! :) Tell me how you embed the you tube videos...mine won't let me...:( Do you just copy and paste the 'embed' formula to your post? Mine won't work it just shows a blank box with an X ...grrr...anyway Happy Birthday Drew! :)