Tuesday, November 25, 2008

just for aunt jodie...

my aunt jodie has commented that we SAY we have 2 dogs, but there is NO evidence of such on our blog!!! so, here's some proof...

Friday, November 21, 2008

jacob's first pacifier...11.8

apparently, we are breaking ALL the parenting rules this time around :) i guess i should clarify that statement...we are breaking all OUR proclaimed parenting rules!

baby jacob is sleeping in a bassinet in our room (NO WAY i'm running upstairs in the middle of the night to check on him/nurse him!!!)...we were in a 1 story house for the first two kids. much easier to have them sleep in their own cribs from day one. the first 2 weeks, i wasn't even supposed to go up and down the stairs after the c-section. yeah, that would have worked GREAT to have him upstairs :)

we gave jacob a pacifier when he was 8 days old! i don't think we gave sarah a pacie til she was 8 weeks old, and drew got one at around 4 weeks. i was terrified of messing up sarah's nursing so i followed the "rules" and didn't introduce one til we were out of the "danger zone". we were a little more lax with drew. now, wow...we were plugging up that little booger in a little over a week! but, jacob is a natural pacie sucker...he keeps it in his mouth forEVER by himself. very handy!!!

i know there are several more things we have been laughing about doing differently this time...but i can't remember them right now!!! surprising, huh?!? well, we are definitely more laid back this time around and trying to enjoy every moment as much as we can! we were so hesitant and nervous with our firstborn, then we were SO busy with a 17 month old and a newborn with our second born, so we are finally getting in our groove with our third born...i keep saying i wish all of my kids could have been my third born!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

sarah's fall preschool program...11.8


1. sarah is wearing her VERY FIRST pair of blue jeans. yes, she is four years old!

2. our preschool does a fall program that just the 4s and 5s participate in. so this is our first year to do this!

3. jacob attended his first preschool function at one week old. he was very impressed :) he slept through the whole thing...including a celebratory treat at TCBY...

4. sarah's partner for the "itsy bitsy spider" song was a little boy in her class named jacob. apparently, she has had a sudden interest in him since having a little brother with his name :)

5. of course sarah wanted to pose with her BFF griffin after the program...

6. sarah was hamming it up throughout the whole performance. if i were to really torture you, i would upload the entire 30 minute performance for your enjoyment. you're welcome :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

poppy meets jacob...11.6

november 6th was a very special day for baby jacob. he finally got to meet his poppy bill! my dad had to leave on a trip (he flies for fedex) on october 31st...he was able to come to the hospital while i was checking in, and then had to leave town. so sad. so, poppy got home from his trip on thursday and headed STRAIGHT to our house to meet his 2nd grandson. it was a very special meeting. we have been able to see lots of poppy since then to make up for the first 5 days of jacob's life :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

big brother and big sister...11.6

my friend, deana, made these AWESOME shirts for the kids to wear in their official roles as "big brother" and "big sister". i LOVE LOVE LOVE them! the kids wore them at the hospital and then to school on the thursday after jacob was born. they took photo albums that day as well as rice krispy treats announcing their new status with jacob's info for take home favors. as you can see, drew was not feeling the love for the camera that morning...but what else is new?!?

Monday, November 17, 2008

a daddy and drew-boo date...11.5

on the wednesday after we brought jacob home from the hospital, tim took sarah to school and then headed off with drew for a big day!!! they went to the zoo, had lunch together at the park, and then played on the playground and flew a kite! it was such a special day for daddy and son!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

great deal!!!...updated!

edited to add: the carseat is listed as "out of stock" as of 9:58pm CST. i think either target realized that they TOTALLY screwed up the price and were GIVING them away...or enough people actually saw the sale price and bought them out! i was watching people on facebook saying they were buying 3 and 4 at a time!!! so much for the steal of the century :(

this is totally random, but i just found the britax marathon carseat that sarah and drew have (well, not actually the same color...but same seat!) on sale at target for over $200.00 off! just thought i would pass along the great deal any way i could! its a wonderful seat and fits kids up to 65 lbs! click here for the direct link to the carseat...also has free shipping! what a steal!!!

you might be a redneck if...2nd edition...11.4

yes, my children were playing in the back yard without shirts on...there was actually a reason! they had both worn white shirts to preschool that i took off of them before giving them popsicles!!! see, i was being smart :) and, NO! it was not cold outside that afternoon!!!remember the last time we were rednecks?!?