Friday, November 21, 2008

jacob's first pacifier...11.8

apparently, we are breaking ALL the parenting rules this time around :) i guess i should clarify that statement...we are breaking all OUR proclaimed parenting rules!

baby jacob is sleeping in a bassinet in our room (NO WAY i'm running upstairs in the middle of the night to check on him/nurse him!!!)...we were in a 1 story house for the first two kids. much easier to have them sleep in their own cribs from day one. the first 2 weeks, i wasn't even supposed to go up and down the stairs after the c-section. yeah, that would have worked GREAT to have him upstairs :)

we gave jacob a pacifier when he was 8 days old! i don't think we gave sarah a pacie til she was 8 weeks old, and drew got one at around 4 weeks. i was terrified of messing up sarah's nursing so i followed the "rules" and didn't introduce one til we were out of the "danger zone". we were a little more lax with drew. now, wow...we were plugging up that little booger in a little over a week! but, jacob is a natural pacie sucker...he keeps it in his mouth forEVER by himself. very handy!!!

i know there are several more things we have been laughing about doing differently this time...but i can't remember them right now!!! surprising, huh?!? well, we are definitely more laid back this time around and trying to enjoy every moment as much as we can! we were so hesitant and nervous with our firstborn, then we were SO busy with a 17 month old and a newborn with our second born, so we are finally getting in our groove with our third born...i keep saying i wish all of my kids could have been my third born!!!

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Kristi said...

Does this mean your next one will come out with a pacie?? :D