Sunday, July 30, 2006

hey baby!!!

so, poppy bill always says, "hey baby" to sarah when he sees her. so, now sarah says, "hey baby" to everyone! and she doesn't just greet you when you come over or she first gets to your house. she greets you EVERY time she or you walk into the room. so, i leave to change drew's diaper and when i return, i get a "hey mommy" or "hey baby". two seconds later i leave the room for 3 minutes to get sarah's sippy cup refilled, and i am again greeted on my return. i must hear "hey mommy" and "hey baby" 10 million times a day!!! if it weren't so funny--it would have to drive me crazy!!!


i am so glad that i named sarah's little brother drew...and i am so glad that we live in the south...and i am so glad that sarah is a little southern belle already! sarah makes drew's name last at least 5-10 seconds every time she says it. writing about it doesn't do it justice. she is too funny!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

a fun pic!!!

sarah doing her best mommy impression...talking on the phone and playing on the internet!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

what about drew?

after bragging on sarah in the last blog, i thought i should give drew some blog-time, too! he's turned into a new kid the past week! as i said before, he was SOOOOO good in the car on the trip to and from louisiana! and the whole time we were out of town, he just smiled and coo'ed and talked to all his family! not that drew was a bad kid before, but he's turned into a dream!

a few "big boy moments"...the past 2 nights he has slept 10 hours straight! he has started putting himself to sleep without nursing on occasion. he has fallen asleep in the car without crying at all twice this week (without a pacifier!!!)! he has been taking good naps every 2 hours! he has been a good shopper (a must in the kelly woodard family)!

i don't know if i've mentioned it before, but drew plays with his feet all the time! at first it was just holding onto them, but now he's putting them in his mouth! its too cute! he also has become VERY vocal! he has started saying, "" and "da.da.da.da"! he screams in delight a lot! and he just learned to "gurgle"...he gets a little saliva in the back of his throat and goes to town!

i think that about sums up drew's latest and greatest feats! he is trying to sit up on his own SO hard! he's in such a hurry to get big enough to play with sarah!!!


here are the latest of sarah's accomplishments :)

1. we have been working on "remembering" our counting. so, we all hold up the correct number of fingers while sarah is counting out loud. so, she was counting along...1,2,3,4...and then she said, "hi!" she thought i was waving "hi" instead of showing the number 5! what a cutie!

2. the whole time we were in franklinton, we pointed out cows, horses, other random animals in pastures along the road while we were travelling. apparently we said, "sarah do you see the horses? see them?" so sarah has started saying, "see 'em?" she'll say, "my glasses, see 'em?" they really do hear...AND REPEAT everything! speaking of which, sarah has now said, "oh my goodness" and "oh shoot" (for real shoot NOT the bad word) at appropriate times! ok, so its not appropriate for a child to say ever, but she dropped her bag full of toys and exclaimed, "oh shoot"! its so hard not to laugh!

3. sarah is obsessed with flags and airplanes! what?!? its so funny to see passing phases! almost every house on our street has a flag--so we get really excited about every 2 seconds!!! and with a very busy airport in memphis, we see lots of planes as well!!!

4. sarah is such a big helper!!! she will get the diaper bag, unzip it, get out a diaper, get out the wipes, try to undress drew, and try to help wipe drew's bottom! she is a little mommy! she also loves to "hold" drew right now. she will try to keep him entertained while he is lounging in her lap on the floor!

5. and perhaps my favorite new thing...sarah has started saying, "hold you" whenever she wants me to pick her up and hold her! i think its too precious that she says that instead of "hold me"!!!

sarah is a constant source of entertainment! of course, we think she's the greatest!!!


sorry about the long break between blogs...i'm sure the 2 of you who read this have been desperate for some woodard entertainment :) we have been very busy around here. tim has been out of town for two weeks...sarah, drew, and i went to louisiana for 6 days...sarah has cut 4 teeth...drew has learned to sit up propped on his arms...etc, etc, etc!!!

sarah, drew, and i stayed home alone for the first 4 days daddy was gone on his business trip, then we loaded up the van with mimi and poppy and headed south! my beautiful cousin emily married steve on the saturday we were in louisiana (the original purpose of the trip). i listened to the ceremony from the church lobby as sarah yelled, "dance" every time music was played! at the reception, sarah was the first wedding guest on the dance floor! she loves to groove to the music! the whole trip was soooo much better than anticipated with a 5 month old and a 22 month old! they were excellent on the car ride--all 7 hours! sarah talked THE WHOLE TIME! she is a chatter box! and drew was a dream! the rest of the visit was great, too! we spent time with almost all of my mom's and dad's families. sarah added many more names to her "roll call"! she was especially excited about g.g. and pawpaw's dog, daisy, and aunt annie's dog, tippy! when we got back to memphis (we cut the trip to 5.75 hours on the return trip), we had 3 more days until daddy got home! his much anticipated return occurred at 5:45 today!!! so, we have had a lot going on! mommy's brain doesn't work too well when she is the only adult in the house...aka, unable to formulate thoughts for a blog! hopefully i'll be a more frequent blogger again now!

Friday, July 7, 2006

thank you mimi!

i just wanted to leave a huge public "thank you" to my mom, mimi! she was a trooper today. sarah has been running a fever for a few days (already went to the doctor...its apparently JUST a fever). today sarah was really really pitiful. she just wanted mommy to hold her all day long. no problem...except she has a 4 month old brother who is exclusively breastfed. well, mimi came over about 11 am and stayed til 6 pm! she did everything!!! including washing our sheets (minor throw-up incident about 5 am...we just put towels over it and attempted to keep sleeping), doing additional laundry, pacifying drew the majority of the day, and comforting sarah when i fed drew. the day could have been managed without mimi (i only would have been a little pitiful), but it was totally great with her help! sarah got the attention from me that she needed and drew didn't have to cry on the floor all day long. i know, i know...i am spoiled rotten. i am so blessed to have family in town. AND to have their help so often. i just wanted mimi to know how much she is appreciated!!! she's the best!!!

Thursday, July 6, 2006

thursday thirteen

so, i'm hoping i'll remember to do these "thursday thirteen" each week. i think they are fun!!! here's this week's list (i LOVE lists!):


1. Friends--all time favorite!!!

2. Grey's Anatomy

3. Gilmore Girls

4. Boston Legal

5. House

6. CSI trilogy

7. Without a Trace

8. Criminal Minds

9. American Idol

10. The Bachelor

11. Scrubs

12. The Ellen Degeneres Show

13. LOST

i really am not positive that these are my favorite of all time. really friends is the only show that is not current. so, this list should probably be called "my current favorite tv shows". oh, well...

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

happy 4th of july!!!

happy 4th of july!!! we had a very big day around our house! we had about 14 people at our house for a poolside celebration of our independence! everyone seemed to enjoy could we not when we were all stuffing our faces all day long?!? we all pitched in to create a delicious (huge) array of snacks and main dishes! mr. josh brought his super-duper special camera and captured some great shots of the kids! thanks josh!!!

drew looking awfully cute!!!

sarah isn't too sure about sharing her pony with carter!

trying to get a perfect picture of sarah and drew is tricky business!

sarah looked precious in her new dress that poppy bill brought back from paris! (irony of wearing french dress on usa independence day duly noted!!!)

4 of the cutest kids i know :) sarah, drew, carter, and miller hanging out on the bed in their 4th of july finest!!!

i'm still trying to get the hang of this picture posting-thing...hopefully these will all work out ok! oh, yeah...adults were also present at the 4th of july celebration, but they aren't nearly as cute to photograph!