Friday, July 28, 2006


sorry about the long break between blogs...i'm sure the 2 of you who read this have been desperate for some woodard entertainment :) we have been very busy around here. tim has been out of town for two weeks...sarah, drew, and i went to louisiana for 6 days...sarah has cut 4 teeth...drew has learned to sit up propped on his arms...etc, etc, etc!!!

sarah, drew, and i stayed home alone for the first 4 days daddy was gone on his business trip, then we loaded up the van with mimi and poppy and headed south! my beautiful cousin emily married steve on the saturday we were in louisiana (the original purpose of the trip). i listened to the ceremony from the church lobby as sarah yelled, "dance" every time music was played! at the reception, sarah was the first wedding guest on the dance floor! she loves to groove to the music! the whole trip was soooo much better than anticipated with a 5 month old and a 22 month old! they were excellent on the car ride--all 7 hours! sarah talked THE WHOLE TIME! she is a chatter box! and drew was a dream! the rest of the visit was great, too! we spent time with almost all of my mom's and dad's families. sarah added many more names to her "roll call"! she was especially excited about g.g. and pawpaw's dog, daisy, and aunt annie's dog, tippy! when we got back to memphis (we cut the trip to 5.75 hours on the return trip), we had 3 more days until daddy got home! his much anticipated return occurred at 5:45 today!!! so, we have had a lot going on! mommy's brain doesn't work too well when she is the only adult in the house...aka, unable to formulate thoughts for a blog! hopefully i'll be a more frequent blogger again now!

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