Friday, July 28, 2006


here are the latest of sarah's accomplishments :)

1. we have been working on "remembering" our counting. so, we all hold up the correct number of fingers while sarah is counting out loud. so, she was counting along...1,2,3,4...and then she said, "hi!" she thought i was waving "hi" instead of showing the number 5! what a cutie!

2. the whole time we were in franklinton, we pointed out cows, horses, other random animals in pastures along the road while we were travelling. apparently we said, "sarah do you see the horses? see them?" so sarah has started saying, "see 'em?" she'll say, "my glasses, see 'em?" they really do hear...AND REPEAT everything! speaking of which, sarah has now said, "oh my goodness" and "oh shoot" (for real shoot NOT the bad word) at appropriate times! ok, so its not appropriate for a child to say ever, but she dropped her bag full of toys and exclaimed, "oh shoot"! its so hard not to laugh!

3. sarah is obsessed with flags and airplanes! what?!? its so funny to see passing phases! almost every house on our street has a flag--so we get really excited about every 2 seconds!!! and with a very busy airport in memphis, we see lots of planes as well!!!

4. sarah is such a big helper!!! she will get the diaper bag, unzip it, get out a diaper, get out the wipes, try to undress drew, and try to help wipe drew's bottom! she is a little mommy! she also loves to "hold" drew right now. she will try to keep him entertained while he is lounging in her lap on the floor!

5. and perhaps my favorite new thing...sarah has started saying, "hold you" whenever she wants me to pick her up and hold her! i think its too precious that she says that instead of "hold me"!!!

sarah is a constant source of entertainment! of course, we think she's the greatest!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are learning valuable lessons, but try as you may, I promise Sarah will repeat your words forever! All of her accomplishments brought a smile to my face, but #1 was my favorite!!!
Aunt Jodie