Friday, July 28, 2006

what about drew?

after bragging on sarah in the last blog, i thought i should give drew some blog-time, too! he's turned into a new kid the past week! as i said before, he was SOOOOO good in the car on the trip to and from louisiana! and the whole time we were out of town, he just smiled and coo'ed and talked to all his family! not that drew was a bad kid before, but he's turned into a dream!

a few "big boy moments"...the past 2 nights he has slept 10 hours straight! he has started putting himself to sleep without nursing on occasion. he has fallen asleep in the car without crying at all twice this week (without a pacifier!!!)! he has been taking good naps every 2 hours! he has been a good shopper (a must in the kelly woodard family)!

i don't know if i've mentioned it before, but drew plays with his feet all the time! at first it was just holding onto them, but now he's putting them in his mouth! its too cute! he also has become VERY vocal! he has started saying, "" and "da.da.da.da"! he screams in delight a lot! and he just learned to "gurgle"...he gets a little saliva in the back of his throat and goes to town!

i think that about sums up drew's latest and greatest feats! he is trying to sit up on his own SO hard! he's in such a hurry to get big enough to play with sarah!!!

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Anonymous said...

Drew is amazing on his own, as well! I remember the first time Jack slept through the night - it was so much sooner than Julie did. We had to check to see if he was alive! LOVED seeing them at the wedding!!!
Aunt Jodie