Friday, July 7, 2006

thank you mimi!

i just wanted to leave a huge public "thank you" to my mom, mimi! she was a trooper today. sarah has been running a fever for a few days (already went to the doctor...its apparently JUST a fever). today sarah was really really pitiful. she just wanted mommy to hold her all day long. no problem...except she has a 4 month old brother who is exclusively breastfed. well, mimi came over about 11 am and stayed til 6 pm! she did everything!!! including washing our sheets (minor throw-up incident about 5 am...we just put towels over it and attempted to keep sleeping), doing additional laundry, pacifying drew the majority of the day, and comforting sarah when i fed drew. the day could have been managed without mimi (i only would have been a little pitiful), but it was totally great with her help! sarah got the attention from me that she needed and drew didn't have to cry on the floor all day long. i know, i know...i am spoiled rotten. i am so blessed to have family in town. AND to have their help so often. i just wanted mimi to know how much she is appreciated!!! she's the best!!!


Anonymous said...

Good girl, Kelly! You totally SHOULD recognize and thank out loud the people who love you, care about you, and help out when you need special help! Some people don't take the time to do that (*cough*teenagers*cough*)! So, I know your mom appreciates the shout out! It gives me hope for appreciation in the future!
Sorry things are going badly. Is Sarah teething? That's about the only thing I can think of with fever and nothing else???
You are so blessed - good for you! Your mom wouldn't be anywhere else!!!
Aunt Jodie

hanstevens said...

hope the fam is doing better by now.. and cheers to living in town with parents too! You guys up to anything fun this week? like new teeth, more sleep, happy kids, pool parties? Well Wishes for the Woodards! your updated pictures!