Tuesday, July 4, 2006

happy 4th of july!!!

happy 4th of july!!! we had a very big day around our house! we had about 14 people at our house for a poolside celebration of our independence! everyone seemed to enjoy themselves...how could we not when we were all stuffing our faces all day long?!? we all pitched in to create a delicious (huge) array of snacks and main dishes! mr. josh brought his super-duper special camera and captured some great shots of the kids! thanks josh!!!

drew looking awfully cute!!!

sarah isn't too sure about sharing her pony with carter!

trying to get a perfect picture of sarah and drew is tricky business!

sarah looked precious in her new dress that poppy bill brought back from paris! (irony of wearing french dress on usa independence day duly noted!!!)

4 of the cutest kids i know :) sarah, drew, carter, and miller hanging out on the bed in their 4th of july finest!!!

i'm still trying to get the hang of this picture posting-thing...hopefully these will all work out ok! oh, yeah...adults were also present at the 4th of july celebration, but they aren't nearly as cute to photograph!

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