Tuesday, August 1, 2006

thank you poppy!!!

i know ya'll have already seen a ton of pics of sarah in this dress from the fourth of july...but, i forgot to make a big shout out "thank you" to poppy bill for the precious outfit!!! poppy went shopping (i know--shocking) in paris for BOTH of his grandkids and returned with two cute body suits for drew and a dress fit for a princess for sarah! this is dress #2 for sarah from abroad--poppy brought sarah a dress last year, too. isn't she just the little fashionista?!? sarah, drew, and their mommy are very grateful for the cute clothes that will be such a special keepsake from poppy!!!


Anonymous said...

I guess the Woodard children (and their parents and all of the family, actually!) are truly blessed to have a jet-setting family member! Poppy is way good to all of us!!!
Aunt Jodie

maribeth said...

and that photo-WOW! a true blessing as well to have such a talented friend take pictures of your beautiful children to help preserve these "moments in motherhood"!

Forrest & Elizabeth Williams said...

Such a cute picture! You are blessed. :) ejw