Saturday, August 12, 2006

she's never met a stranger!!!

so, we went to walmart today...i know, what a great blogger story :) all four of us went. we started with lunch in the walmart mcdonald's...what a glamorous outing, huh? sarah was so excited! whenever i ask her what she wants to eat, 9 times out of 10 she says, "apples and nuggets"! so, sarah thoroughly enjoyed herself...and baby drew happily gnawed on his toy while we ate. then we shopped, and shopped, and shopped!!! we ran into so many people we know! and sarah made several new friends along the way! while we stood in the 6 MILE LONG LINE to check out, my friend from methodist germantown hospital, monique, played with drew. and sarah showed off all her best tricks for the sweet (stranger) lady in line behind us. it ended up that the nice woman gave sarah her shopping list and pen (who takes a legal pad to walmart as a grocery list?) for sarah to draw. sarah had so much fun coloring while the adoring stranger praised her every move. as we were leaving, the lady said, "its a shame that she doesn't have a more outgoing, friendly personality!" sarah definitely has personality to spare!!! she gets that from her daddy :) sarah was so sad to leave walmart! she always loves to be the center of attention!!! but now, we are back home, all the groceries are put away, both kids are asleep, and i'm enjoying a little quiet after the storm!!! just what every saturday afternoon should be like!

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Forrest & Elizabeth Williams said...

I can just see it now! Thanks for sharing :)