Thursday, August 10, 2006

thursday thirteen

thirteen random things about this last week...

1. a HUGE storm blew through germantown this afternoon...very unexpectedly. i was in drew's room nursing him to sleep and i heard an extremely loud crash. the umbrella in our patio set lifted out of its stand and came crashing down into our glass top table! yikes!!!

2. sarah is farsighted and has an astigmatism. she is getting glasses to correct her vision. we are really talking up how special glasses are because they are like daddy's.

3. i bought a new pair of pants for work on sunday (tax free!). i washed them ONCE and the hem fell out on one leg. yuck!

4. drew learned to jump in his exersaucer. he thinks he is so cool to bounce and squeal in delight...LOUDLY!!!

5. drew is almost sitting up independently. he just gets so excited and tumbles over!

6. i worked for the first time since 2 weeks before drew's birth on wednesday. i work again tomorrow.

7. i work at a nursing home/rehab facility now. different job from before drew.

8. on the elevator at work, i asked a resident how she was doing. she replied, "i've got a bad heart, my hip is broken, and my daughter's out of town so i don't have any clean underwear". i forgot what it was like to work with the elderly.

9. my brain is getting overloaded with our schedule for this fall. my calendar has an event almost every day!!! our activities somehow quadrupled by adding 1 more child!

10. we got our flowerbeds cleaned out and mulched. our yard looks amazing!!!

11. sarah is already trying to stall bedtime. she asks, "where'd ______ go?" about a million times, asks for more milk, asks for more kisses, asks for more hugs, asks for whichever parent isn't putting her to bed to come, etc. didn't realize that started SO young!!!

12. tim and i went to a sunday school class on sunday for the first time in YEARS!!! somehow a long time before we had sarah we got suckered into keeping the nursery with my parents, and we never made our way out again!

13. my pharmacist told me i was his hero. seriously. he was so impressed that i fought our insurance company to get sarah's medicine covered. i thought that was hilarious!!!

that's what's going on in our lives. in a nutshell...


Anonymous said...

Comments on #2 - All of us at the fourjs house wear glasses and we are all cool. Sarah will be too!!!
on # 5 - Sounds like something Tim should video and put on the website.
on #8 - teenagers are that way too when I sub. I once asked a kid how he was doing and he shared that he wasn't very good because he had an ingrown toenail - EW!
#11 - sounds like Sarah has the inherent gene that tells them if they go to sleep they might miss something fun - they grow out of it when they get to be teenagers - then they don't care if they miss something, because you are too boring to worry about having any fun they would miss!
Thanks for sharing!!!
Aunt Jodie

Anonymous said...

#4 would also be cute in Tim's video for the website.