Tuesday, August 8, 2006

cute play date pics!!!

here are some cute play date pics!!! i've been trying to get blogger to load these since my last blog, but apparently blogger didn't think they were as important as i did!!!
cutie brother and sister bonding moment...aiden and hannah!!!

apparently my house has the PERFECT built in stage. aiden arranged the chairs and tried his hardest to get all three girls to sit for his performance...when that failed, he joined the audience!

drew was the brave little one in the midst of the chaos!!! he enjoyed watching the action!

fun times in the woodard's playroom!!! carter, aiden, hidden hannah (behind "house"), sarah, and drew!

tim thought the kids were playing musical chairs in this pic!!! they are just so busy!

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Anonymous said...

You are doing many of the things I did as a young stay-at-home mom with small children. Sure brings back the memories. . . your picture of the kids sitting by your entry in their chairs reminded me of Julie lining up all the boys, Jack and our neighbors, in our entry while she "taught" them whatever she wanted them to learn that day. I guess they learn that from preschool . . . or mother's day out programs.
Thanks for sharing!
Aunt Jodie