Monday, August 7, 2006

can you spell OCD?!?

so today my friends maribeth and kristina came over...with their kids. maribeth's two--carter and miller--and kristina's younger two--aiden and hannah grace. her older two started school today--chad and bailey. well, now that THAT'S all cleared we had 6 kids under 5 at our house for the majority of the day! the older 4 (drew and miller really can't participate yet) played together beautifully! it was great! they all had so much fun and us moms had a good time talking in between changing diapers and quickly referee-ing minor incidents. the REAL fun began when the younger 4 all went down for naps at the same time and the older two retired to the couch for a movie. the three moms got WAY OCD!!! we were cleaning up the toy room (basically every room in the house!) and they kept asking me where to put the toys. i told them repeatedly to just put the toys wherever. i mean...i have mellowed out a tidge...well, most of the time!!! anyway. neither of them believed me, so they started REALLY organizing these two bins. they found stuff i haven't seen in drew's entire life! (so see, i really haven't been as anal lately!) we put EVERYTHING EXACTLY in its place! my play room looks fabulous!!! we just laughed and laughed and laughed because none of the kids were in the room playing and the adults were having so much fun with the kids' toys! cleaning up was the highlight of our day :)

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Anonymous said...

you and your friends are just weird!
Love, Mom