Thursday, August 24, 2006

look who's sitting up?

and drooling a river...he'll be 6 months old on saturday, and today he sat up for almost 15 minutes. my kids are so crazy. on the same day sarah took her first step ever, she took 16 in a row. drew was sitting up straight and i was counting the seconds...he sat for 17 sec, 22 sec, 14 sec, etc. then, all of the sudden, he sat up for over 5 minutes! at that point, i just quit counting! so, he's an official "sitter" now. he starts preschool after labor day! i'm glad he'll be able to sit up and play with the "big" kids in his class (6-11 month olds)! and he was practically posing for all the pics...i think i took over 50 of this "first". anyway...just a proud mommy moment!

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