Sunday, August 20, 2006

more glasses pics!!!


Anonymous said...

Sarah looks so precious with her new glasses. I cannot believe how much she likes them.

Daddy loves her so much

Anonymous said...

She looks great in those glasses! I'm so glad she doesn't mind them. I love ya'll.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the gentleman in S. Korea(hey Andy!)!!! Sarah is beautiful, without a doubt! I'm so proud of her for doing so well with them. She and her daddy are just two peas in a pod!!!
And frankly, the glasses make her look very intelligent. She may be making some profound statements any minute, as smart as she looks!!!
Love you all!
Aunt Jodie

Forrest & Elizabeth Williams said...

Ahh how cute. Our niece (7) just had to get glasses too. Never heard of children Sarah's age though getting! She's precious. And i enjoyed reading your list of 13--that was sweet! Have a great week.