Thursday, August 17, 2006

thursday thirteen

happy 28th birthday to my hubby, tim! i wanted to use this thursday thirteen to list 13 great things about my awesome husband!!! (you'll probably need a tissue or garbage can after reading this depending on your cheesiness tolerance!)

1. he's a phenomenal father to sarah and drew! i knew from the moment i met him that he would be the best daddy in the whole world, but he has surpassed my expectations a million times over!

2. he's the sweetest husband! he lets me get away with murder sometimes (ok, most of the time!). he is so patient when i am stressed out, or being ocd, etc.

3. he's a wonderful christian man. he's such a good example to his family, friends, and co-workers.

4. he's a computer genius! he can fix any computer problem...somehow he has ALL the pop up screens memorized and can talk you through any computer problem over the phone!

5. he's a hard worker! when i make him a list (remember how i said he was a great husband?), he works and works and works until he gets all his "honey-do list" done.

6. he's a loyal friend. he keeps in touch with friends from elementary school even! he loves his friends with all his heart.

7. he's a huge flirt! i know that sounds like a weird thing for a wife to love about her husband...but, he can make any situation comfortable. whether he's "flirting" with a 2 year old, 32 year old, or 92 year old, they all love him in minutes!

8. he's a loving son. as i've said before, one of my favorite and first memories of tim is him hugging his parents good bye at disciple now in 8th grade. he puts his family above all else.

9. he's a big goof. he has the same silly, immature sense of humor as me!

10. he's a closet "girlie tv/movie" guy! he will sit down while i am watching gilmore girls or 10 things i hate about you and totally get sucked in...and ask a million questions about what he's missed in the show! AND, he loves hannah montana on disney! what?!?

11. he's a night owl AND a morning person (not really his choice!)! he'll stay up late with me, and let me catch an extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning after i get up and feed drew! he tries to help out in other ways since he can't nurse!!!

12. he's a romantic at heart! he's always doing sweet things for me!

13. he's tim. i'm just so thankful that tim is my little timmy! he's the greatest! i am so blessed to have him in my life! i hope you have a wonderful birthday sweetie!

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