Wednesday, September 6, 2006

say it ain't so!

bad news...drew is the BAD BABY in the nursery! i'm horrified! i was paged not 10 minutes after dropping him off this morning! after keeping the bed babies for 5 plus years on sunday mornings, i KNOW what a pain the "bad baby" is! we have some serious "mommy-separation" issues to work on! right now, i'm the queen of his world! and i know it won't last forever, so i'm trying to eat it up while i can! i know, i know...doing that is NOT helping!

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Anonymous said...

kelly - i don't know you but i read your comment on max's website tonight. i'm an OT in memphis and just wanted to say i echoed your opinion and was embarrassed for our profession - and encouraged to know there are other christian OT's in the area. thanks for your prayers for max. i went to college with his parents and aunt (and emailed his aunt your exact sentiments earlier today). God bless you and your family (really cute kids) - ashley hodge (ot at lebonheur)