Thursday, September 7, 2006

cute pictures of sarah and carter!!!

sarah and carter were able to play together while their mommies attended bible study wednesday morning. sarah thought it was THE GREATEST THING EVER that carter was at her "school" on wednesday.

a couple of pieces of background info: 1. sarah attends school and church at our church, gbc
2. sarah calls gbc "school" no matter what event we are going for
3. unfortunately, carter does not attend gbc church or school...that's why it was such a super cool treat to have carter for wednesday's nursery!

aren't they adorable?!?


Anonymous said...

yes, they are. your poppy bill!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are bringing back memories for me!!! It seems a lifetime ago that I was doing all the things you are doing - I guess it was! The children are indeed adorable!
We'll miss you this weekend - you COULD have come - why didn't we think of that before now???
Aunt Jodie