Thursday, September 21, 2006

a brief preschool update

well, things are looking up in the world of preschool...for sarah and drew!!!

sarah has taken a nap at school 3 out of 6 days! i think she's taken more naps so far this year than ALL of last year!!! by the way, the hallmark sign of a good preschooler is being a good napper (according to mimi cheryl, aka 3 year old teacher extraordinare) she has had a few tears at drop off time a couple of mornings, but its usually if another kid is already crying at the door. i think she is going to have a wonderful year. she already talks about her teachers and classmates all the time. she really enjoys music class and lunch time the most, i think. oh, one sad story. she was walking with her class one day last week and passed drew's class in the bye bye buggy. she started crying and reaching out for drew! wow! last year when SHE was in the bye bye buggy, she didn't even recognize her grandparents!

drew is getting more and more accustomed to his days away from mom. today's take home sheet said, "best day ever :)" he is napping at school, taking his bottles well, and just "has his moments" according to his teachers. mimi said drew looks like a little weeble wobble in the bye bye buggy...well, he is the youngest in his class!

i am proud of how well both of them are doing! and i am settling in to working again. today i actually concentrated on my patients a little instead of just obsessing over whether or not my kids were having a good day at school!!! i think my patients appreciated the newfound attention! seriously, though...our little family is adjusting very well to the new school year! yipee!

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Anonymous said...

I sent you an email about Sarah's birthday - don't forget to check it! The children sound like they are on their way to normal toddlerdom - allowing mom some time away to do what she needs to do! Sarah's thirteen favorite phrases were good too! She's pretty funny and too cute!
Take care - Aunt Jodie