Thursday, September 21, 2006

thursday thirteen

thirteen of my favorite sarah phrases of late...

1. "watch your fingers"--when she sees me opening or closing a cabinet door

2. "i see 'em coming"--when the carhop at sonic is headed to our car

3. "no-wait"--ok, this one isn't my favorite one to hear, but i think its so funny!!!

4. "miss tracy...shake, shake, shake"--had to ask miss tracy about this one...she is sarah's music teacher at school, and they are learning about following the teacher's directions by playing with musical instruments...apparently sarah likes the maracas!

5. "have a good day"--i'm pretty sure i already shared this one, but i love it when she tells everyone that!!!

6. "to-da-loo"--she says this when she's walking off with her play grocery cart around the house

7. "i big helper"--ALL THE TIME! she loves to help with drew. i can convince her to do ALMOST anything by telling her she's a big helper

8. "pledge the flag"--its all she's able to say on her own of the pledge of allegiance

9. "jesus this i know"--again, all she says of jesus loves me

10. "down to sleep"--her contribution to our evening prayers

11. "put arm in"--ALL body parts are "arms" when we are getting dressed...otherwise she knows her body parts

12. "pigtails please"--she asks for them every morning...but often cries when i really start putting them in. i think she's a little tenderheaded

13. "too big"--an increasingly common statement when i ask her to hold my hand when we are walking

so, that's sarah's latest and greatest! AND she is TWO YEARS OLD in 8 days! wow!!!

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Anonymous said...

So cute! We miss you guys and Grace and Emma talk about Sarah all the time. They don't really realize that it might be a really long time before we see you again! Glad to hear the transition back to school and work is going well. Take care and tell everyone we said hi!