Wednesday, October 24, 2007

'twas the night before...sarah's birthday. sept 28th

the night before sarah's birthday was a little wild. tim and i were scurrying around trying to get the house and yard ready for the big party the next day, and all of the grandparents were over helping watch the kids, dropping off stuff, etc. nana and pop pop had told us they were going to go ahead and give sarah one of her presents that night since they couldn't figure out how to wrap it! so, they brought sarah her awesome art easel! it was a big hit! we played with it for a while, then pop pop said he had something to show the kids that he had found in his yard. okay... so, he walks in with a turtle in a laundry basket! drew and sarah had completely different reactions to the turtle. the above pic sums it up...sarah was scared and drew was fascinated! it was a fun night!

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