Tuesday, July 3, 2007

sarah (o'byrnes)'s wedding!!!

my sarah was VERY confused all day on june 16th. tim and i kept telling her that we were going to sarah's wedding that night. EVERY time, she said, "MY wedding?!?" repeatedly, we assured her that it was mason's mommy's wedding, not her wedding. the cute expressions and responses just kept coming. when the beautiful bride walked out of the house, my sarah exclaimed, "mommy, its YOU!" sarah looks at our wedding album and wedding pics around the house A LOT and always talks about how i am a princess (i'm not going to tell her otherwise!) then, my sarah wanted to stand where the ceremony had taken place. then she asked pop pop if he would marry her. so, they "got married" a million times (pop pop was a great sport!) til this day, sarah still answers, "pop pop" when asked who she is going to marry. before sarah's wedding, it was either daddy or santa. both kids were amazingly well behaved making the wedding even more beautiful!!! both sarah and drew danced around the bride and groom and had lots of fun. i had two tired kiddos on the drive home!

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