Tuesday, July 3, 2007

haircut for 4 please?!?

on a whim the night before sarah's wedding, we decided to take tim and drew to get haircuts as a family. (i won't mention names or anything...but SOMEONE got drew a really bad haircut last time mommy wasn't present for the event!) after tim and drew were finished with their cuts, sarah said she wanted to get her hair cut too. uh, for MONTHS we had to beg sarah to get her first trim. but, now that drew was about to get to do something and sarah wasn't, it was a different story :) so, sarah got her hair cut as well and did great. as i was sitting there, i got a little jealous too!!! so, i ended up getting a shape up as well! how silly!?! well, my cut ended up being a big mistake--i had another haircut less than a week later. anyway. i just thought this was possibly a once in a lifetime thing, so i better blog it so its not forgotten!


Anonymous said...

Girl, you got your haircut again!! Did it get better? Do you like it?

kelly w said...

rachel rehagen!!! this was the haircut i was trying to recover from when i went to the crazy stylist with you in st. louis!!! no, the stl 'do is growing on me! i'm just THAT far behind blogging! i'll have 10 posts JUST of our visit with you guys! take care! kelly