Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sarah's first skating party...10.4

sarah went to her sweet friend emma's 5th birthday party...
at the skating rink!!!
sarah has "skated" around our driveway with her little dora-go-over-your-shoes-skates-that-don't-really-roll, but she's never been to a skating rink!
missy prissy quickly figured out that she could "walk" in her skates, and off she went!!!
all the kiddos did the limbo! i was waiting for them to play "cold hearted snake" or some other paula abdul number and tell us it was "reverse" skate or "couples" skate...being at a skating rink brought back LOTS of memories!!!
all the girls had a blast playing and skating and being all girly!!!
it was a fun party...and a great "girls night out" for sarah and mommy only!!!

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