Wednesday, October 21, 2009

community helper day...10.8

i was doing something or another up at the church after dropping the big kids off at preschool and when jake and i left the church, we happened upon drew's class visiting the firemen and firetruck!!! what excellent timing!!! (can you tell drew was a little confused to see us there!?!)
little monkey that he is, drew was NOT interested in posing nicely in front of the truck with a handsome smile on his face!!!
the sweet fireman in the background "encouraged" drew to smile and thankfully drew at least listened to the man in uniform! yet, NO ONE was able to convince him to take his silly little fingers out of his mouth...grrr!!!
once the kiddos bored of the firetruck and firemen, all the attention turned to drew's baby brother! drew was so proud to show his little brother off to his friends!!! what a sweet surprise to be able to watch drew and his class for a few minutes!!!

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Blake and Danielle said...

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