Thursday, June 29, 2006

i'm sooooooo trendy!!!

ok, i am a huge dork! i have been reading all these "thursday thirteen" blogs on other sites and have decided i want a piece of the action!!! plus, this header-thingy is too cute :)

so...THIRTEEN OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME!!! (in no particular order)

1. Ten Things I Hate About You
2. Can't Buy Me Love
3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
4. Grease
5. Center Stage
6. Bring It On
7. Clueless
8. Legally Blonde
9. Coyote Ugly
10. Goonies
11. Spaceballs
12. Bye Bye Love
13. Son In Law

i know, i are all probably laughing so hard that you have stopped reading by now. i know the list is totally random, and mostly filled with girly movies, but that's my true movie love! check out any of these movies for a feel good few hours of enjoyment!!!

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