Tuesday, June 13, 2006

time is flying by!

i'll second all the moms in bloggerland complaining about summertime schedule-less-ness! its hard to keep an almost 2 year old entertained 24/7! thankfully, our friends and family are helping out!!! i can't believe i've gone so long without blogging. i think about it, but haven't had a chance to actually formulate my thoughts! and especially since i've told my cool little brother about my blog, i've got to stay on top of things! he is in korea in the air force, so he is missing all these little milestones in sarah's and drew's lives.

drew is now bearing weight through his legs! he started a little over a week ago (june 3rd)! then we started propping him up in the exersaucer--HE LOVES IT!!! it gives him a much better view of all of big sister's activity! but, he still gets tired fairly quick. so, we have short exersaucer stints as of now! he should roll over from his back to stomach pretty soon too! he can get to his side already. its so amazing to watch little ones gain control over their bodies (guess its the occupational therapist in me!!!)! he can also grasp the toys hanging down from his activity mat with both hands at the same time. i'm so proud of his motor skills!

and sarah is constant entertainment! 21 months is a super fun age! she is talking up a storm and repeats everything she hears. she's starting to sing little snippets of the songs she knows on her own. and she is a dancing machine! she especially loves to dance to the wiggles songs! she's starting to learn the correct movements to each song! its priceless! i could watch her for hours! (and i do!) but, she also has her "moments"! she says, "no" and "mine" several million times a day! but, she is easily distracted and only has a few meltdowns each day!

both kids are a complete joy despite the griping i do sometimes to my friends and family! the only thing i look forward to is a few more nights of uninterrupted sleep! but, i hear that's a thing of the past once you have multiple children! sarah is a dream of a sleeper...here's hoping drew follows in her footsteps! i'll keep my updates coming more frequently--i promise :)

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