Thursday, November 23, 2006

a very thankful thursday thirteen!

wow! so many things to be thankful for this thanksgiving! the list goes on and i will limit myself to the top thirteen things i thank God for giving me!!!

1. my husband, tim who loves me unconditionally

2. my daughter, sarah for lighting up my life with laughter

3. my son, drew for being the best cuddler in the world

4. my brother's safe return from korea, reunion with sarah, and introduction to drew

5. my parents and inlaws for always taking care of us and spoiling us silly

6. my extended family who loves us enough to drive hours and hours to spend thanksgiving together

7. good health for my family and friends

8. earthly provisions above what i need

9. a wonderful church family

10. great friends who support me and pray for me

11. my Heavenly Father who forgives me over and over and over and over and over

12. casseroles...what DOESN'T taste better in a casserole? squash? broccoli? sweet potatoes? corn? green beans? need i say more?

13. sonic diet cokes

ok, i know the last two are a little silly...but, i really am thankful for the little pleasures in life that make each day more fun! especially when the kiddos (or me) are having a bad day!

happy thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

And we are all thankful for you as well! It was incredible seeing you and your family this week! Sarah is such a darling sweet little girl! Drew is indeed "cuddler of the year" - precious as can be!!! We had a great time - being there with all of you is high on our Thursday Thankfulness, too!!!
Aunt Jodie