Wednesday, January 31, 2007

great news!!!

this week has been full of amazing news! first and foremost...we sold our house!!! we accepted an offer on tuesday from a family transferring from the knoxville area. they closed on their house yesterday, so no contingency! we close march 1st and give them possession a few days later! this is all great timing for us. we actually have time to find a house and possibly close before we have to be out of our current home! we were afraid this family was going to ask for a super quick closing. we are very thankful for this perfect timing!

we are so happy to have our house sold, but are now getting nostalgic about leaving our first home together. we brought home both of our babies to this house, have watched them take their first steps in this house...its a home full of great memories! unfortunately, we are running out of room to make all the next phase of memories!

other great news...i don't have to do a gazillion continuing educations hours this year to get my occupational therapy license renewed this december. i was starting to sweat that one...originally, i thought i needed 24 hours of continuing ed this year to renew my license. then, at work on tuesday, my coworkers were saying that your 24 hours of continuing ed must be completed in the 2 years PRIOR to your renewal year. see, your renewal is due the month of your birthday, so it doesn't matter when your birthday falls, you must have your hours completed the year before. so i was FREAKING OUT that i wasn't going to be able to renew my license because i should have had all my 24 hours completed in 2005-2006 (and i have NO hours for those years...i was on "maternity leave" for most of those 2 years). anyway...i looked on the internet for the official rules, and guess what?!? you must prove your 24 hours of continuing ed starting for license renewals JANUARY 1, 2008. ONE DAY AFTER I RENEW!!! so, i don't have to have go crazy this year! well, now i know the rules. i have to get 24 hours of continuing ed in 2007-2008 for my renewal in dec 2009. whew! i'm sure you were ALL worrying about this :) and are so glad to know the ends and outs of occupational therapy licensing in the great state of tennessee :)

so, after all that great stuff happened tuesday, i was thinking i should have bought a lottery ticket or something!!! no seriously, i thank my God for all the blessings He has given me!

p.s. the picture with this post has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the post. obviously... i just thought it was worth posting a 2nd time since its so adorable!!!

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