Sunday, March 18, 2007

the "official" birthday party pics courtesy of mr. josh!!!

i am so darn cute!
let me get my hands on that cake!
wow! mommy is letting me eat this?!?

this is so much fun!!!

after my mid-party bath! squeaky clean!!!

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Kristen said...

Hi Kelly,
I am a "blog stalker" from NH! :) I got to your blog from Colleen's. Colleen was my brother's neighbor in Colorado for some time, and I had the opportunity to meet Colleen and Lucy once during a visit out there. Your kids are just precious and I always LOVE to see their outfits!!! You dress them beautifully!! Where do you get all their matching sibling outfits and their monogrammed outfits? I loved the little birthday outfits on Drew!
PS: My blog is