Monday, March 5, 2007

we're still alive...barely

we are officially moved into our new house...and we are DEAD DOG TIRED!!! but, we are here, and for that, we are thankful. our families have been SO SO SO helpful in tending to the kids, providing meals, etc. my sweet grandmother, GG, cleaned bathrooms and floors for 3 days straight! i know she's tired, but so very appreciated! i'll update with house pics, etc after a few more days of unpacking and, perhaps, resting :) for now, we are glad that the big moving weekend is behind us!


Forrest & Elizabeth Williams said...

Congratulations Kelly! I know you are thrilled. Maybe I'll get to see your beautiful house in person sometime :) Enjoy it! ejw

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you all!!! Hope Drew's happy birthday was amazing! I like it that he got his cupcake all over him - Julie did that, too - Jack was more conservative!
Love you all!
Aunt Jodie
p.s. Do you have a visiting pet policy at the new digs???

kelly w said...

aunt jodie, you, uncle jimmy, julie, jack, bubba, and katie are ALL welcome at our house ANY TIME. please come visit soon! we would love to see you guys. as you can see on the blog, sarah and drew are changing quickly. we want a visit with julie before she leaves for college...and is too cool for us :) i'm glad you keep up with my fam on our blog!!! love you-kel :)

Anonymous said...

Can you send me an email with your new address and phone number, if it changed too? I was sending Jimmy to take care of Drew's birthday "present" and he asked what the new address is because they will need that! I know I am very late, but my new job is making errand-running practically impossible! I'm never around when the bank is open!
Thanks - Aunt Jodie

hanstevens said...

YEah!...Congrats on moving to your new house Woodards!! I can't wait to see the new place! I should be visiting Memphis in the next month to officially (finally) close my little house, and I'll be looking you up! Moving sounds so f-u-n... it definatly calls for more party cupcakes!