Thursday, April 12, 2007

sarah's new obsession!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you remember the picture of Andy standing in someone's brown boots??? I think all kids go through this. Of course, Sarah was "SO GRACEFUL" walking in your black strappy sandals. The children are precious - it was nice to catch a glimpse of the pups a little bit too. You know how we are "dog people". The new house looks wonderful, too. AND I also used the "go watch for daddy to come home" ploy to keep the children occupied from time to time! You are a smart girl!
Love you all . . . Aunt Jodie

Kevin and Mitcie said...

I simply LOVE this vid! I miss all those "firsts" that Cade and Chloe once did! I've started a page for Kevin and I so you may find me asking you very annoying questions in regards to how this whole thing works!! We miss you guys and will have to get together soon to celebrate the new house! I hope the move went well. Call us soon and kiss those precious angels for us!