Saturday, June 2, 2007

happy 6th anniversary to us!!!

tim surprised me with a trip to tunica for our 6th anniversary! he arranged for his parents to keep both kids for us overnight so we could celebrate just the two of us! it was the first time we had been away together since having two. and actually, we have only done this one other time since sarah was born! and, we realized today was the first time we had both slept in since at least september 28, 2004 (the day before sarah was born)! we had a HUGE suite at the terrace hotel (part of the grand resort) with 2 full baths, a dining room, a living room, and bedroom. the bathroom even had a 32 inch tv in it! i watched friends while sitting in the whirlpool tub! nice! we enjoyed our short (less than 18 hour) trip away, but we were so excited to see the kiddos again! funny how much things have changed in 6 short years!

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Anonymous said...

I thought of you two on your special day! We had a week! Julie is registered and ready to go at A&M.
Anyway, kudos to Tim for being such a smart guy and treating his wife like a queen. Guess you have officially left the position of princess behind.
And I totally get how you haven't slept in in forever - it took us a long time, too! Now, they ask us to sleep in or take naps, so they can have our TV in the living room! Times do change!!!
Love you all and congratulations!
Aunt Jodie