Friday, September 14, 2007

interrupting my catching up to brag on my little brother!!!

this is an email i received from my little brother who is serving in the air force in afghanistan as an A-10 pilot (fighter jet). i am SO PROUD of him!!!
from andy:
Hey ya'll. I got some good news today. Dad, I told you about a mission we flew about 3 weeks ago where we saved some army dudes. We got really low in the mtns and shot the gun about 50 meters away from friendly forces that were being overrun. There were several seriously wounded americans that were later evacuated by helicopters that we escorted. We completely wiped out the enemy forces with 4 gun passes and killed a high ranking taliban leader. I can tell the story with more detail later but the bottomline is we saved about 50 american lives that day. The army guys sent over a rep to meet us and shake our hands and give us their unit coin. Actually, I think I forwarded an email to ya'll that was sent out by some army guys to some other army guys with our picture attached. Well I mentioned to dad earlier that a 2 star general called down to our squadron to tell us job well done that day because it made big news over here. Well I found out today that the guy I was flying with and myself are getting recommended for the Distinguished Flying Cross! This is an huge honor as it is one of the top medals you can get in the Air force. I think it's the 3rd or 4th highest medal. I know the medal of honor and silver star are ahead of this one and I think one maybe two more. How cool is that?

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