Monday, November 5, 2007

parents' night at sarah's dance studio...10.22


gtown1 said...

So very cute of Sarah at dance class. So is Miss Melissa her teacher? I danced with her on the pom squad at MSU if so. Tell her hello from me (EJ) :) Those are adorable! PS- Congrats on having your brother home...I didn't know he was due to come back soon. How long will he be here? Please email us updates when you get a chance.
Thanks! love, ejw

kelly w said...

ej, i am so confused! sarah's teachers are miss kim and miss haley (i'm pretty sure). was it the blonde one you thought you recognized? sarah takes dance at studio 413 in collierville. maggie somebody started it. they have a website...i can't remember the address, i just google it every time. andy will be in the states for at least 15 months. who knows what will be going on in the world at that point?!? thanks for keeping up with my blog! walker is PRECIOUS! love all the pics!