Thursday, January 31, 2008

a few current events

  • last night, we had a really terrible wind storm blow through town. our trash can and lawn furniture were tossing around our backyard like leaves! for about 1.5 hours before we put the kids down, the electricity was out. i lit a bunch of candles so we could see. the kids must have sang "happy birthday" and pretended they were blowing out candles a hundred times! they were having so much fun!
  • the kids and i picked tim up for lunch today. we saw tim's co-worker mike who is always so sweet to the kids. sarah told mike that she was going to bring him a cookie from costco.
  • since we are in the "birthday" spirit after last night's events, when the lady at costco today offered us a sample of chocolate cake, the kids asked if it was birthday cake. and then sang "happy birthday" and pretended to blow out candles the rest of the ride through costco.
  • the only reason i can shop peacefully at costco is because of the sweet ladies in the bakery department who always give the kids a cookie to enjoy while i enjoy shopping. when the kids got their cookies today, sarah reached back into the box to get another cookie. when i told sarah that she could only have 1 cookie, she said, "i have to get one for mike and one for tim!" i couldn't believe she was really thinking we were taking cookies back to tim's work.
  • one of the kids other favorite things to do at costco is go into the refridgerated section to pick out fruits and veggies. the whole time we are at costco, the kids ask if we are going to go get cold. then they say, "brrrrrrrr!" a million times. the kids were so loud today "acting cold" while we were in the fridge area. all of the other shoppers were laughing at us!
  • wow! who ever thought you could write almost an entire post about costco?!? its really like a treat to the kids to get to go there!
  • oh, yeah! all of the sudden, drew is saying, "yuck!" when he puts his pacie in his mouth and then hands his pacie to me. is he going to wean himself from his pacie on his own?!?
  • speaking of drew milestones, drew pooped on the potty tonight and stayed dry in big boy underwear for 2 hours! he LOVES to wear his big boy underwear! i'm thinking of putting him in pullups for preschool tomorrow!!!

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