Friday, January 18, 2008

an illegal visit to drew's class...12.20

after tim and i went to sarah's preschool christmas party, we took her with us so we could leave for louisiana. then we headed over to drew's room to pick him up. i, surprisingly, stopped to talk to someone, and when i got to drew's room, found sarah and tim inside! highly illegal...parents are NOT allowed to attend parties/help in the classrooms on the baby side of the preschool. too many tears and fits when the parents leave... drew's sweet teachers didn't stop tim and sarah when they started in the door! so i joined in the covert operation and watched the little ones at lunch. it was AMAZING...8 almost 2 year olds sitting quietly in little chairs eating their lunches like little angels. something that would never happen if parents were involved! it was a special treat for tim, sarah, and me! then we headed to the car to get to louisiana to visit our family for christmas!

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